Shogun at Sunway Pyramid


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Last week, Kevin and I went to Shogun at Sun­way Pyra­mid to cel­e­brate my early birthday.

First time vis­it­ing Shogun. Not bad I would say.

Plenty of food vari­eties and they all taste not bad.

Food bar

But the desserts are less sat­is­fy­ing. Noth­ing special.

Desert bar

I took a lot of prawns but they were not that fresh.

Ala carte

It’s a Japan­ese buf­fet restau­rant in case you don’t know. So Sushi is a must.


How­ever, they serve Kim­chi as well. Hmmm… fusion…

Oys­ters and Sashimi. Yummy!

Sashimi and oyster

Accord­ing to Kevin, the branch at 1U doesn’t serve steam­boat. The steam­boat is really nice. Loved the soup.


Each of us get one baby lob­ster with cheese. Tastes very nice.

After we fin­ish, the waiter for­got we already had ours, so he gave us 2 more lob­sters. Yay!

Baby lobster

The price was around RM66 per person.

Nowa­days, I will be full very eas­ily. For what I had that day, I don’t think it costs that much lor.

I guess part of the price was paid for the joy of see­ing so many foods lying before our eyes.


This post is about Food

This post has 5 comments


CommentNo. 1

kopiais21 March 20091:46 PM

I have gotta try this.… *drool­ing
who’s with me? XD

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis22 March 200910:59 AM

It’s end of the month… next month first lah…

CommentNo. 3

Sherry30 December 20091:18 PM

I have been there and I like it but some food not fresh

CommentNo. 4

masjuju21 September 201012:13 PM

googling for shogun. thanks for info.

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis Lee22 September 201012:02 PM

Hi masjuju, you’re welcome :)

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