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Finally got back Inter­net con­nec­tion at home. So many pend­ing posts. Let me start with this one.

Last week, I went club­bin at Zouk’s 5th anniver­sary party.

Zouk invitation card

The 3D invi­ta­tion card above were beau­ti­fully designed.

Kah Wai invited me to go because got free entrance and free flow drinks 0_o

Kah Wai and I

The theme of the party was Fan­ta­sia. and the dress code was “daz­zle and bedaz­zled”. I have no idea what that means at all. But once we reached there, we were enlighten.

Blue ninja

We saw lots of weird cos­tumes every­where. Like the blue-spider-look-alike-ninja-with-yellow-pipe above, or red-mask-raider-with-blue-eyes-and-black-pipe below.

Red Ninja

They ren­o­vated the whole place. There were 6 lounges — Court­yard, Zouk, Phuture, Vel­vet Under­ground, Aristo and Barsonic.

Me and lady

We went to 4 of them. I would say the best lounge was still the Zuok, nice music, nice crowd and nice ambience.

Guy and Kah Wai

We had lots of drinks like brandies, beers and cocktails.

Mambo Jambo

We met lots of peo­ple we know as well.

On the stage

Danc­ing all night long till 3 o’clock in the morning.

Clown and Kah Wai

It was really a fun and crazy night. But too bad the next day still need to work.


This post is about Life

This post has 1 comment


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kopiais1 April 200912:08 AM

now i know how did she pick up that ques­tion to ask me…cis…

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