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Desire, materialistic and comfort zone

Today I came across a blog call Life for Beginners. I like the author’s writing and how he used the photos to complement the articles.

Reading his blog is like reading novel, full of emotions and expressions.

I can’t stop myself but going through the articles one by one in the archives.

Then I found a very inspiring posts, The End of Education. And I especially like the excerpt below that portrays how the stereotypical urban people sinking into the materialism quicksand.

Does it matter if our bodies grow and age, that our bank accounts expand or diminish, if our minds, if our hearts and our souls and our passions stay stagnant and rapidly expire? Yes, rapidly — you’d be surprised how quickly the mundane routines of a “good day” can set a pattern from which we rarely escape. We build our homes and our comfort zones and refuse to budge from either. We become fearful beings, greedily and pettily protecting what we think we own, whatever possessions that make up our current market value. We transform into robots that constantly calculate what they are worth.

It hit me after reading this. The truth that lies within these words is so in-your-my-face, every word and every sentence hold the precise reflection of what I’m going through in my current stage of life.

I have more desires, more materialistic and I’m so used to being within my own comfort zone that I don’t want anything to change. Everything was nicely summarised within those words but with added dramatic effects.

I can’t help but wonder, is he writing his own experience or it was only his observation? Either way, it’s obvious that he is writing the situation that has slowly become a norm in our society. A situation that wrong values have been used as the mould for mass production of, what we call human beings.

And I think I’m one of them.

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