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Today I came across a blog call Life for Begin­ners. I like the author’s writ­ing and how he used the pho­tos to com­ple­ment the articles.

Read­ing his blog is like read­ing novel, full of emo­tions and expressions.

I can’t stop myself but going through the arti­cles one by one in the archives.

Then I found a very inspir­ing posts, The End of Edu­ca­tion. And I espe­cially like the excerpt below that por­trays how the stereo­typ­i­cal urban peo­ple sink­ing into the mate­ri­al­ism quicksand.

Does it mat­ter if our bod­ies grow and age, that our bank accounts expand or dimin­ish, if our minds, if our hearts and our souls and our pas­sions stay stag­nant and rapidly expire? Yes, rapidly — you’d be sur­prised how quickly the mun­dane rou­tines of a “good day” can set a pat­tern from which we rarely escape. We build our homes and our com­fort zones and refuse to budge from either. We become fear­ful beings, greed­ily and pet­tily pro­tect­ing what we think we own, what­ever pos­ses­sions that make up our cur­rent mar­ket value. We trans­form into robots that con­stantly cal­cu­late what they are worth.

It hit me after read­ing this. The truth that lies within these words is so in–your–my-face, every word and every sen­tence hold the pre­cise reflec­tion of what I’m going through in my cur­rent stage of life.

I have more desires, more mate­ri­al­is­tic and I’m so used to being within my own com­fort zone that I don’t want any­thing to change. Every­thing was nicely sum­marised within those words but with added dra­matic effects.

I can’t help but won­der, is he writ­ing his own expe­ri­ence or it was only his obser­va­tion? Either way, it’s obvi­ous that he is writ­ing the sit­u­a­tion that has slowly become a norm in our soci­ety. A sit­u­a­tion that wrong val­ues have been used as the mould for mass pro­duc­tion of, what we call human beings.

And I think I’m one of them.


This post is about Life

This post has 1 comment

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