Ah Max

This post is dedicated to dear Sophea.

Max at Sushi Zenmai

Above, Sushi Zanmai, the Gardens.

Below, Starbucks, the Gardens.

Max at Starbucks

Max at Starbucks 3

Max at Starbucks 2

P/S: He won’t allow me to do what you want me to do to him…


Se@n 19 April 2009

eh..this is really funny, kelakar nye~~

kopiais 19 April 2009

arrrggg sushi zanmai….starbucks….. >___<

p.s. why don’t u use force?? :))

Dennis 19 April 2009

Huh… funny meh???

Next time you demonstrate okay…

Se@n 20 April 2009

hmmm…why don’t you ask sophea doing this by her own?

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