Thai massage

Today I went for Thai massage.

I took the promotional package, RM68 for 90 minutes.

Thai massage

I’ve heard much about Thai massage, but this is the first time I went to try it out myself.

It’s true they bend your legs to your head. It’s true they pull you from the back all the way like how you see in wrestling. It’s true they twist your body 360 degrees and crack your backbones.

Luckily my tolerance for pain is not bad, so I was fully stretched and loosen up.

All in all it was really a nice experience, but one thing is, they kind of press to near to my willy.


Se@n 21 April 2009

i’ve got that kind of experience too…
well, overall it’s relaxing.

kopiais 21 April 2009

i want one…. *sob*sob*

Dennis 21 April 2009

Relaxing ar… very pain at certain parts 1 wor…

Let’s go next time… but no more promotion liao… RM85 for 90 minutes… a bit expensive… :p

Ryan 22 April 2009

Wah. crackbones part i like. “gluck gluck” sound is so thrilling =D

reji 2 May 2009

can i have the address for thai massage centre.

thank you

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