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Mr. B, who I have not con­tacted for approx­i­mately 5 years sud­denly reached me through msn few weeks ago.

He did not ask me how am I doing, but in fact, he kept telling me how suc­cess­ful he is.

He said he is now retired although he is still in his early 30’s. Why? Because his bank account already has seven dig­its, which then I cal­cu­lated, it’s call million.

Even if he with­draws three thou­sand every month, he still can live a lux­u­ri­ous life for years with­out working.

I was amazed but I did not ask fur­ther because I knew he wanted to tell me some­thing. So I pur­posely did not want to give him the chance.

Few days later, through msn, he showed off to me how rich he is again. This time, I decided to let him say what he wanted to say.

So it seems like he joined the direct sell­ing busi­ness. Those that you don’t have to sell any prod­uct, but you keep recruit­ing peo­ple with high entrance fee, and when you have cer­tain peo­ple under your tree, you will get a very big amount of commission.

I was com­pletely sien diao. It’s not that I don’t believe him, it’s just that I think money must be earned in a proper way. By that I mean through sweat, intel­lect, or true hard work. There’s no short­cuts in life.

So I ignored him again. Until today, he said some­thing made me jaw-dropping.

Mr. B
come out lar
i belanja u makan bao yu (note: bao yu means abalone)
i spend with u 1 days 1k for eat also no prob­lem

wah dont want lah
we go yum cha can already lah

Mr. B
dun­wan lar
yam char at mamak i dun­wan
so dirty

then ar… star­bucks lor

Mr. B
dun­wan lar
so cheap
very sien lar
every­day also lepak
dunno do wat

Seri­ously, I have no idea what’s his agenda. Is it purely show­ing off or is he try­ing to get me into some­thing? Hmmm… I wonder.


This post is about Life

This post has 11 comments

CommentNo. 1

wong24 April 20098:53 AM

I have a lot friend who go MLM and some suc­ceed in mak­ing mil­lion as well. So, I was fre­quently bug by join­ing those as well. So there’s only 2 ways you have, tell him straight you don’t want and he won’t bug you; 2, keep the sit­u­a­tion like now, and eat lots of bao yu from him 😆

CommentNo. 2

kopiais24 April 20099:50 AM

block him from MSN XD

CommentNo. 3

Pete24 April 20099:54 AM

I dont agree with “…it’s just that I think money must be earned in a proper way. By that I mean through sweat, intel­lect, or true hard work. There’s no short­cuts in life…”

Becom­ing a lam­berger it’s means they should die in hell. They didnt cheat or kill peo­ple, its what i would call — busi­ness. Dont look at the minor. Most of them work hard, some even harder than us to climb up the ladder.

I always thought lam­berger is bad until some of my close friend joined, and i told them, “Dont bring me in your busi­ness, or else friend also no need do.” haha. They are nice peo­ple la… :)

CommentNo. 4

Kevin24 April 20099:58 AM

Star­bucks CHEAP!!@!$%@%^#%&$^

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis24 April 200910:26 AM

Not dare to eat his bao yu lah… dunno what he wants from me later…

Need to be so obvi­ous meh?

Maybe I’m not mak­ing myself clear enough. I never meant to say that the way they make money is wrong, it’s just that I think mak­ing money must be based on real value rather than out of thin air. It’s more sus­tain­able and healthy. Look at how United States abused their mon­e­tary sys­tem and end up caus­ing the big eco­nomic recession.

I don’t think Star­bucks is cheap. In fact, it’s damn expen­sive! 10 bucks for a cup of cof­fee! Once in a while ok lah…

CommentNo. 6

daijiaoking24 April 200911:54 AM

I don’t think he just wan to showoff… I guess that, he might try to do some­thing on u… b careful…

But u still can accept the invi­ta­tion… go eat “bao yu”, eat as much as you can… dun giv him face… & remem­ber to take photo wif him after he pay the bill.… hahaha i wan 2 c his face got DISTORTED or not… hehe

CommentNo. 7

Batman24 April 200912:02 PM

I love this kind of ppl… for me those ppl is water fish for me… i sure potong them kao kao one…

“eat bao yu? is it ah yat one? sure is ah yat one lo.. u so “high class” sure wont go those small place eat bao yu lo, rite?…”

whole din­ner or lunch u just need to do is…

“oh.. really ah…”

“geng oh…”


“waw… i cant belive it…”


like tat can liao…
after the din­ner or lunch…
he still him, me still me, he get ntg and i enjoy a nice din­ner or lunch.
wan me to join mlm?
can.… wash my mind lo~

this is kind of busi­ness…
he get wat he wan (show off)…
we get wat we wan(nice din­ner or lunch)

also this is kind of char­ity…
lis­ten to our “lonely fren” talk­ing and release their pres­sure and emotion.

CommentNo. 8

Pete24 April 200912:07 PM

Haha… dis­torted face

That’s what u meant. I see. Dif­fer­ent point of view in mak­ing money. Cool, but i still don’t agree. hehe… I would say it’s all about opportunity…

CommentNo. 9

Pete24 April 200912:09 PM

haha! MLM in small­cap looks like mid­dle finger!

CommentNo. 10

Ervin26 April 200912:55 AM

I will just block him. 😛

CommentNo. 11

Dan10 May 20091:30 PM

hahah Bob always being Bob… ignore him and i blocked him since 5 years ago.

by the way, he should think of how to turn that mil­lion to few millions ..

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