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It was a great Sun­day. Very happy because I man­aged to buy what I wanted to buy long time ago, I had a very nice din­ner at Bubba Gump and I took lots of nice pictures.

And when I exposé them after I fin­ish edit­ing the pic­tures, my desk­top turned into a very nice mood board.

Mood board

Okay back to main topic.

Yes­ter­day, I met up with Max, Ryan and Kevin to go to Ikea. Finally, I man­aged to buy the pil­low cases I wanted to buy long time ago.

Max, Ryan and Kevin

After that we walk around the Curve and did some shopping.

Then we headed to Bubba Gump Shrimp Com­pany for dinner.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

Bubba Gump is a themed restau­rant inspired by For­rest Gump the movie.


I think I watched the movie long time ago, but can’t really recall any of the scenes.

I really love the dec­o­ra­tions of the restau­rant. The entire inte­rior is cov­ered with wood from floor to ceiling.


And there are many lit­tle dec­o­ra­tions every­where, where you can find props from the movie like the cloths of young For­rest Gump.


They will explain how the restau­rant works to the first-timers.

Every table will have these red and blue metal plates. Flip the plate to the blue one, “Run For­rest Run”, and the wait­ers will keep run­ning and assume you are transparent.

Run Forrest run

(That’s Max’s mid­dle finger)

If you need them, just flip the plate to the red one, “Stop For­rest Stop”, any­one that sees the red sign will stop at your table and shout “Stop For­rest stop! Yes what can I do for you?”

Stop Forrest stop

Okay let’s talk about the food.

The food was very nice. I ordered the set meal which cost around RM63.

It comes with appe­tizer salad.


And gar­lic bread wrapped with news­pa­per. It’s not real news­pa­per lah. And the gar­lic bread tastes very nice.

Garlic bread

There are three choices of main course. I chose the lin­guini with shrimps. Thumbs up.


And of course the desert, Straw­berry Short­cake. Tastes okay.

Strawberry shortcake

And lastly, a cup of cof­fee to com­plete the meal. Hmmm… satisfied.


Kevin ordered some kind of shrimp soup with rice. Not very nice.

Shrimp soup

Ah Max ordered the Shrimper’s Heaven, their sig­na­ture dish.

Shrimper's Heaven side view

We were shocked when it was served because the por­tion was very big. It comes with four dif­fer­ent types of shrimps. Tastes not bad.

Shrimper's Heaven top view

Ah Max ordered the desert Bread Pud­ding. Tastes not bad as well.

Bread pudding

Our din­ner lasted for more than 2 hours. We were really really full after we fin­ish everything.

Good com­pany plus good food equals to great Sunday.

The Street

And lastly, let me show you 2 model shots.

Me in shadow

Model Max


This post is about Food

This post has 9 comments


CommentNo. 1

Grace27 April 20099:56 PM

yeah.. i went b4 oso.. feel tat d con­cept n food oso not bad…
nice to try… hehe
dec­o­ra­tion is nice… me oso keep on take pic at thr… hehe

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis27 April 200910:15 PM

Hi Grace, I totally agree with you.

Inter­est­ing con­cept, beau­ti­ful inte­rior design and nice food.

Gotta go and try out their cock­tails someday.

CommentNo. 3

Ervin27 April 200910:16 PM

Seem like it is worth to try on spe­cial occa­sion. I will plan to have dine here with my wife. Thanks for the info.

CommentNo. 4

Grace28 April 20099:34 AM

hihi.… nice to meet u (^_^)
yayaya… i like d envi­ron­ment much.….
cock­tails ar??? nice kah??

CommentNo. 5

kopiais28 April 20098:04 PM

arggggggg how come u all go bubba gump never wait for me T____T u know how much i love seafood T________T

CommentNo. 6

Ryan28 April 200910:38 PM

i should have dumped my fam­ily in Kota Damansara and went to din­ner with you all. XD

Author’s CommentNo. 7

Den­nis28 April 200910:56 PM

You should go and try out. It’s a good expe­ri­ence, espe­cially if you are cel­e­brat­ing birthday.

Cock­tails are nice. But I have not try out cock­tails at Bubba Gump.

Hahaha… wait for you to come back. We go Klang to eat seafood!

Hahaha… next time lor… go try out Sunway’s out­let. I heard its ren­o­va­tion costs 3.5 million.

CommentNo. 8

Grace29 April 20099:06 AM

wah… den i shud go try jor.. hehe (^_^)

CommentNo. 9

kopiais11 May 20095:01 PM

Seafood!! Seafood!! Seafood!! Seafood!!

Let’s go XD

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