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The 100th post

You are reading the 100th post on my blog.

100 posts within 1 year 4 months 28 days. Average 1 post every 5 days. Not too many and not too little as well.

So today, I’m going to talk about my blogging experience and some facts about my blog you might not know.

First of all, to save all the trouble I might get, I always try to avoid writing anything related to work. Except a few times when I was in great frustration, I wrote From time to time, Over over time and How to become a boss that everybody hates.

The blog has opened the door for me to meet more people online. The posts that attracted the most strangers from Google are My new dizi and Wild boar fever.

One fine day, somebody posted a nasty comment on one of my posts, then I started to enable comment moderation.

I’m very proud of the Table of Content page because I think it’s a very effective way to find the posts I’ve written and no one else is doing it yet (at least not to my attention).

When I talk to my friends about the topics I’ve written in the blog, I will talk like as if I’m reading out loud the blog post, 80% of the flow and details will be the same.

I always wondering should I post pictures on my blog or on Facebook?

Most of the time, I think blogging is more than just me, myself and I. If the audience doesn’t exist, there’s no point writing a blog. It’s better to keep a diary.

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  1. wow 100th post. congrats

  2. Hmmm… compare to you I’m nothing lah…

    You can post 365 posts in a year lah…

  3. Wow.. that is a lot..

    Nice share with friend by using blog.


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