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Last week, I went to the newly expanded IOI Mall to watch a spe­cial per­for­mance by Sean.

It was spe­cial because I think you can only find this in Malaysia.

A musi­cal per­for­mance by three musi­cians from three dif­fer­ent races using three dif­fer­ent tra­di­tional musi­cal instruments.

The band

There was Sean play­ing the Chi­nese flute — dizi.

Chinese flute

There was a Malay play­ing the Bonang.

Malay bonang

And there was an Indian play­ing the Tabla.

Indian tabla

What is it like when you put 3 musi­cians from 3 major races in Malaysia to play songs together?

Can’t imag­ine? Watch the video below of them play­ing a Chi­nese folk song. Though the qual­ity is not that good.

“Wah! very cre­ative hor… Got Malay, got Chi­nese and got Indian… truly 1Malaysia…” said Stranger A.

“Hmmm… never thought that it could work out that well…” said Stranger B.

A kid asked his daddy “why only the Chi­nese wear­ing shoes one?” and the daddy didn’t know how to answer his son.

Bravo to the man­age­ment of IOI Mall to be able to come up with the idea.

But too bad it was in such a rush that all three musi­cians met for the first time few hours before the performance.

With­out  prior prac­tice and rehersal, I would say that they have done a great job.


This post is about Musical

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ervin17 May 20099:44 AM

This is nice

CommentNo. 2

Grace17 May 20091:04 PM

ops… im stay­ing at puchong but lang­sung duno hav­ing dis per­for­mance in IOI.. i miss a good show!!

CommentNo. 3

Se@n18 May 20091:27 AM

hey dude, thanks for com­ple­ments…
that day was.…soooo closed~~

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