New York New York Deli

Nothing to write so I’ll post pictures of food.

Went to New York New York Deli at 1 utama.

Let’s start with me camwhoring while waiting for the food to be served.


OBK, who has just bought a new car.


And Kah Wai, who has been answering work calls all day long on a Sunday.

Kah Wai

The chair is really really comfortable.

I ordered the beef burger with ham. OBK ordered something very similar except without the ham.

Beef burger

Kah Wai ordered the mushroom sandwich. The taste of the mushrooms were very delicious.

Mushroom sandwich

My mango juice. Not really juice, more like ice-blended. Good.

Mango juice

Drink below is call Bloody Eyeballs. Nice name.

Bloody eyeballs

Kah Wai’s coffee. Don’t know it’s cappucino or latte.


That’s it. Just a filler post.


Grace 23 May 2009

pig dennis…
fuiyo… pigi new york new york deli ar…
tatday i go thr i try Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Chop.. not bad wor..
aiyo, u shud order super duper strawberry shake… damn nice leh..
nvm la.. nex time u treat me go la… hehehe

pete 23 May 2009

ehem… camwhoring hor…

Dennis 23 May 2009

Treat you again? This time for what?

You are more geng than me lah…

Grace 23 May 2009

wat ‘AGAIN’ har?? u nvr treat me b4 oso.. hehe

Dennis 24 May 2009

Want me treat you can also… but can you choose something cheaper ar… I’m broke lah…

Grace 24 May 2009

fuiyo… reali bo?? u so nice geh…. hehehe
*shy shy* wakakaka…..

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