6km pre-marathon

As you might already know, I will be running in the KL Marathon this coming 28 June.

Before the real marathon, Standard Charted organised a pre-marathon event today at Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil.


It was a 6km run around TPM. Sophea and I participated in the run.

We woke up 6 o’clock in the morning. Still with the blur face.


Around 8 morning after the warm up session, we were all set and ready to go. Jia you!!!

Sophea and I

The race begun. I run and run. Stop for a while, then run again, then stop again, then run again.

I was trying to push myself to the limit. But when I reached around the last kilometre, I was already exhausted. I started to feel a little bit dizzy and short of breath. I know I’ve reached my limit. My energy has depleted.

I kept walking slowly until I saw the finish line. Then I started to run with full force for the last few hundred metres.

Once I passed by the finish line, I felt good… but extremely exhausted.

Exhauted me

After a few minutes, Sophea reached the finish line as well.

Exhauted Sophea

I didn’t keep track of the time, but it should be around 45 minutes. Not very good and not very bad as well.

Here comes the interesting part. During the price giving ceremony, several prices were given out to the top 3 runners from different categories.

When it comes to the external female category (non Standard Charted staff), the emcee announced, “for external female category, third place goes to… Sophea Seng!!!”

(drums rolling… CHIANG!!!)

Price giving

Congratulations to Sophea for winning the third place.

Her mouth was wide opened when she heard the announcement and for a second she couldn’t believe that it was her name.

Sophea with price

The price was some sports wear vouchers.

After all the prices given out, it’s time to call it a morning.

We were already craving for coffee so badly. So we quickly drove to the nearest McD to recharge our caffeine intake…

McD coffee

…and also to recharge all the fat that we have lost during the run.

McD breakfast

It was the most delicious McD breakfast I’ve ever had.

Sophea and breakfast

It was really a good run. I gain a lot of experience this time, and I will put them in good use during the real marathon.

But before that, I really need more training in order to be able to run the 10km marathon next month.


Ervin 25 May 2009

Keep running Taiping Lake Garden for 2 rounds (1 round approximately 3km to train your stamina..

kopiais 25 May 2009

*with-tear-of-joy* i would like to thanks to my family and friends, my good colleagues and…. blah blah blah

wish those hand phone prizes were ours too T_____T

ahzenn 26 May 2009

wa~ gratz sophea~ u guys geng leh, can run 6km!!!

max 26 May 2009

6km very geng le!

Dan 31 May 2009

OMG .. that only like 6 KM !!!!


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