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I went to watch Prince Sid­dhartha the Musi­cal at Istana Budaya last Saturday.

It was their 10th anniver­sary per­for­mance. It’s not easy for a local musi­cal pro­duc­tion to last for 10 years. And they did put in quite a lot of effort in all aspects of the musical.


Together with me, there were Jenn Ting and Kah Wai.

Jenn Ting and Kah Wai

The stage and the light­ing effects amazed me much. The chore­og­ra­phy and the music were mod­er­ate. And the act­ing, noth­ing much to comment.

Jenn Ting, Kah Wai and I

Dur­ing the 15 min­utes break, I saw a famil­iar face. It was Jae Cheah Siow Wei! It was her first time attend­ing a musical.

Such a coin­ci­dence. A week-long per­for­mance and we man­aged to meet on the sec­ond day.

Jae and I

Although it was not the best musi­cal I’ve seen but I would say it was pretty good for a local musi­cal production.


This post is about Musical

This post has 2 comments


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Cornflake30 May 20092:02 PM

hey…its the trio again. =]

CommentNo. 2

Jae30 March 20109:42 AM

woooo .. now only I saw your entry abt the musi­cal… When I tried to search myself on the Inter­net hahah!

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