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Today I went out for karaoke with Ah Max and friends. After that, we went for din­ner at Top Spice Korean BBQ, again.

The lovely cou­ple Ah Max and Soo Yin.

Max and Soo Yin

And their ex-colleague, Grace.

Grace and I

First time meet­ing the two ladies. Nice and funny people.

Top Spice has a new menu!

New menu cover

Then we saw this “Friends Set” which is just nice for 4 of us. So we ordered it.

New menu

It comes with BBQ pork ribs. Deli­cious as usual.

BBQ pork

And also all the vege to eat together with the meats.


And the pork belly roll salad. Not bad, but can hardly taste the pork belly. Too thin I guess, mostly vege only.

Pork belly roll

First time hav­ing the kim­chi soup. Very nice.

Kimchi soup

First time hav­ing the tofu soup with lots of seafood as well. Although it looks a bit bloody and hot, but it wasn’t that spicy actu­ally. Taste nicer than I thought.

Tofu soup

And also the gin­seng chicken soup. It doesn’t really have the strong herbs taste. The chicken was very ten­der and it has some por­ridge at the bot­tom. It was really nice.

Ginseng chicken soup

And the seafood pan­cake. Taste not bad when eat together with the sauce they provide.

Seafood pancake

And as usual, Korean BBQ always comes with so many side dishes that makes you won­der which one you should eat first.


The set comes with so many food we can hardly fin­ish every­thing. But still, we man­aged to stuff every­thing into our stomach.

Finished everything

The menu sug­gests for 3 to 4 per­sons but per­son­ally, I would sug­gest for 4 to 5 persons.

The boss is really a nice per­son. He said I was the first per­son to post the review about their restau­rant on the Inter­net long time ago.

Boss and I

Besides, since I visit the restau­rant so fre­quently, he gave me 5% discount.

And the best part is, the boss has given me a spe­cial priv­i­lege. When­ever I go to dine at the restau­rant, I will get 5% discount!

So who wants to buy me dinner?


This post is about Food

This post has 4 comments


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kopiais1 June 200912:48 AM


CommentNo. 2

Ervin1 June 20094:48 AM

I not so like korean food. prefer­able chi­nese ori­en­tal rice. haha

CommentNo. 3

Grace1 June 20098:30 AM

walauwei.… so fast adi post jor..
yer.….….….!!!!! faster than me geh..
ish.….….…. but when i go, i stil dun1 bring u go..
i juz show ur pic.. hahahhaa

CommentNo. 4

Nasha Lee12 June 200911:00 PM

hi den­nis! you made a right choice for the Korean menu!

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