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After wait­ing for almost a month since the day I reg­is­ter. After join­ing the pre-marathon at Bukit Jalil, the big day has finally came.

It was the Stan­dard Charted KL Marathon 2009.

The day before the event (Sat­ur­day), Sophea and I went to Dataran Merdeka to col­lect our race pack.

Dataran Merdeka

The race pack comes with a Reebok sin­glet (good qual­ity 1), the bib num­ber with sen­sor on it and some sponsor’s vouchers.

Race pack

0259 is my num­ber and red colour is for 10km. Faster go buy this num­ber, after you won just remem­ber to give me half.

After the race pack col­lec­tion, we went to Mid Val­ley for shop­ping, din­ner and watched the movie Fighting.

Reached home around 11 PM. Tried to sleep ear­lier but it was just too early. I thought I fall asleep around 1 AM.

The next day, we woke up at 4 o’clock in the morn­ing. Got our­self pre­pared, had our break­fast and then head off to Bukit Jalil to the take the shut­tle bus.

Sophea, Jenn Ting and I at the bus stop

We reached Dataran Merdeka around 6.30 AM. By the time we reached there, the full– and the half-marathon run­ners have already started.

Sultan Abdul Samad building

We started with some warm-ups before the run (and of course pose a bit).


The crowd was crazy. There were total of 12,500 par­tic­i­pants and 5100 of them were run­ning the 10km.

10 min­utes before the race, every­one started to gather at the start line.


We were very excited and nervous.

Before start

Once the clock reaches 7 AM, the race started with a gun shot.

All of us got sep­a­rated very early in the race.

I started the race with a slow pace. The hard­est thing at the begin­ning of the race is to avoid step­ping on people’s foot and over­tak­ing the others.

Every­thing was fine until the first drinks sta­tion, 3km from the start­ing point not far away from the National Museum. I had a drink and con­tin­ued run­ning. But too bad it fol­lowed by a sloop.

Run­ning on sloops has never been part of my train­ing before this. And most of my train­ings never go pass 4km. I had to slow down but still main­tained at a run­ning speed.

But then again, it was another sloop after the sec­ond drinks sta­tion at 5.5km. I was kind of exhausted at that point. I had to walk.


After the sloop, I started to run again. This time I didn’t stop all the way until I reached National Bank.

From a dis­tance, I saw the big Malaysia flag high in the sky, I thought “Yes! Almost there!”.

I sped up a bit and try to reach the fin­ish line sooner. But as I got nearer to the Dataran Merdeka, I almost pengsan because instead of turn­ing right to the fin­ish line, we had to turn left to Sogo to run another freak­ing 2km.

WTF???!!! Was that a prank or some­thing???!!!” I was com­pletely sien diao. Wasted my energy to speed up just now.

The last kilo­me­tre was night­mare. I was tired, exhausted, drained, expelled and all other con­di­tions used to describe deple­tion of phys­i­cal and men­tal resources.

I didn’t think of any­thing else but to ask myself keep run­ning and hope­fully I can reach the fin­ish line before the time limit.

I kept run­ning until I saw the big Malaysia flag once again. I wanted to speed up again but my body just couldn’t do that.

As I slowly ran towards the fin­ish line, I won­dered if I have made it in time. To my sur­prise, it was 1 hour 20 mins and 20 seconds!

I’ve made it!

Me finish

It was such a relief. I felt great and satisfied.

Ted was already there long before me.

Ted and I

Sophea reached the fin­ish line approx­i­mately 4 min­utes after me.

Sophea finish

And Jenn Ting went missing.

Missing child

We couldn’t find him and he didn’t bring his handphone.

We have no choice but to leave him behind and thought that he is old enough to make his own way home.

So we headed to the bus stop to take a bus back to Bukit Jalil. And out of a sud­den, Jenn Ting appeared from no where.

“Why you never bring your hand­phone?” Sophea was pissed.

“Because I know… faith… will lead me to find you all once again…” Jenn Ting replied.

We were speechless.

How­ever, there we were, at the fin­ish line hold­ing our fin­isher medals and with a big smile on our faces.

Sophea with her medal

Jenn Ting with his medal

Me and my medal

It was really a good run and wished I was more fit and well trained.

Finisher medal

If I have the chance to run again, I will. But next time, I will have to train harder.

Update Result:
Net Start — 06:59:17
Net Time — 01:19:17
Fin­ish Tim­ing — 01:20:29.14
Posi­tion — 1271

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This post is about Life

This post has 8 comments


CommentNo. 1

Dan30 June 20092:21 AM

one more run com­ing in July .. Siemens Run .. 10km only .. let me know if u want to join

CommentNo. 2

Grace30 June 20099:09 AM

fuiyo… u so geng leh.. but hor.. altot i saw u from the oppo­site n din wear my spec
i oso can feel tat u r super tired!! hahaha
dis time 4give u la altot me at thr u oso din cum n find me…
hehe­he­hhee.… see u nex week ya…

CommentNo. 3

kopiais30 June 200912:26 PM

July?? for real?? no bah… my legs still counter pain le T____T|| but it was a good run hehe

CommentNo. 4

267930 June 20094:30 PM

do you believe in faith?.….…lol

CommentNo. 5

Se@n30 June 20099:02 PM

— — —
“Because I know… faith… will lead me to find you all once again…” Jenn Ting replied.


CommentNo. 6

Ted30 June 200911:00 PM

I lurve your happy go lucky friend =)

Author’s CommentNo. 7

Den­nis1 July 20094:09 PM

Hahaha… maybe not so soon…

You also par­tic­i­pate then you ma know how tired is it lor…

Now I do…

Hahaha… you just can’t find any rea­son to hate him…

CommentNo. 8

Grace1 July 20099:06 PM

wah.… den sure half way me sudah pengsan jor.… u wil see me inside d ambu­lans.. hahahaha

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