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Believe it or not, early of the year dur­ing Chi­nese New Year, I over­heard from the radio that those who are pigs in Chi­nese horo­scope (that’s me) will not have much luck with cars dur­ing the year 2009.

I wasn’t super­sti­tious type of per­son. But until recently, I think I really don’t have much luck with my car.

My car

Here’s how it all started.

Early last month, I sent my car to the ser­vice cen­tre for minor ser­vic­ing and changed the tim­ing belt. When every­thing done, RM787 flew away.

Okay never mind, because I was already expect­ing it.

Few days later, my car broke down at the com­pany. I couldn’t get it started when I was sup­pose to send Kevin to the air­port. At the end, he had to take a taxi instead.

Okay never mind, I left my car there and I drove Kevin’s car for a few days.

When Kevin came back, I sent my car to the ser­vice cen­tre again. It seemed like the speed sen­sor was mal­func­tion. Sen­sor changed, RM188 flew away.

But that’s not all, I was then told that I need to change my tyres because they were already worn due to the imbal­ance lower arms (a metal that holds the tyre to the car body).

Okay never mind, I was aware of the lower arm prob­lem for almost a year or two.

So I thought if I didn’t change the lower arms, there was no point to change new tyres. Both front lower arms and tyres changed, RM834 flew away.

Every­thing seemed to be fine until a week later, the lower arms started to make some funny noise espe­cially when I’m on bumpy roads.

I was busy over the week so I planned to send the car to the work­shop again dur­ing weekend.

But even before I can do that, my car’s bat­tery went dead. I had to can­cel my plan for that night and stay at home.

Okay never mind, the bat­tery is going to die sooner or later.

The next day, I jump-started my car by bor­row­ing elec­tric from Kevin’s car and drove to a nearby work­shop to change the bat­tery. Bat­tery changed, RM155 flew away.

Finally, it came Sat­ur­day. I got to drive my car to the pre­vi­ous work­shop to fix the funny noise prob­lem. Prob­lem fixed (this time F.O.C.), I drove my car back happily.

The next day, the funny noise came back, AGAIN! I had to drive my car back to the work­shop AGAIN, show my frus­trated face to the super­vi­sor AGAIN, waited for an hour AGAIN and lis­ten to him telling me that every­thing is fixed, AGAIN!!!

This time, I test-drive the car and the sound was really gone. It was such a relief.

Just when I thought I’ve gone through every­thing, bad luck seems to be knock­ing my door again.

Just now when I fin­ished my music class, I had trou­ble start­ing my car AGAIN!!!


This post is about Life

This post has 2 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ervin Ter9 July 20099:18 AM

I wish good luck fall into your car soon.

Btw, Savy really had a lot prob­lems. Espe­cially on eletronic wiring.

CommentNo. 2

kopiais9 July 200910:58 AM

to me.. it sounds like the work­shop make you go back… hahaha okay i just make fun around…ignore that.
cheers up okay, once u started all these com­mit­ment u have to expect all these (which i know u know all these craps)… next karaoke on me, ok?

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