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Finally! Nikon D90

After years of  desire, months of consideration and weeks of anticipation, I have finally got my hands on the long-waited Nikon D90 digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR).

No words can describe my joy, enthusiasm, and satisfaction when I first got it. It’s a dream comes true.

The virgin shot was given to my beloved Sony Ericsson K810i camera phone.

Sony Ericsson K810i

Yes, the picture above is the virgin shot, right after I inserted the memory card and the battery, at the camera shop.

It’s a tribute to my camera phone for being there all the time to capture the bits and bites of the wonderful moments in my life.

Well, I’m not going to abandon my camera phone just like that, after-all, I still need it to make and receive calls.

I will still use the camera phone to take pictures occasionally. Especially when I’m going to places where it’s too tedious for me to bring around the bulky D90 (weights almost 1kg).

I’m very excited about this new found hobby of mine. Can’t wait to go out and capture the world through the lenses.

Practice makes perfect. I shall practice more because there are just so much for me to learn in photography.

Lastly, let me present to you 2 of my favourite shots from the night when I first got my camera.

A picture of 2 glasses of Carlsberg at a pub located at Changkat Bukit Bintang.


And another picture of the famous silver man in front of Maybank Bukit Bintang.

Silver man

Okay that’s all for now, gotta continue reading the thick user’s manual. I will write a review of the camera soon.

P/S: I’ve added a new Photography category to my blog. All future post related to photography will be posted under this category.

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  1. Max Max

    Fuiyo! Finally…

  2. @Sophea

    Come come… I help you to take pre-wedding photos…

    Get 1 lah… it’s nice to have a DSLR…

  3. wah wah… u adi buy jor…
    fast fast outing n let me play..
    u say b4 geh ar.. i wan b de model geh…

  4. Congratulations on your nikon buddy! One more nikon member in the list.. woohoo!

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