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I’m still kind of occu­pied with many things recently. But I can’t really tell what are the things. Hmmm… weird…

Due to lack of time (or maybe lazi­ness), I have to put many of my plans on hold.

Always wanted to get my new blog design done as soon as pos­si­ble so that I can post the pho­tos I took.

Accord­ing to my exper­i­ment, DSLR pic­tures will look nicer if the pic­tures have 700 pix­els width or higher.

Shooting myself in the car

Okay maybe I should stop com­plain­ing about lack of time and become a doer rather than a moaner.

Back to the main point. I went to watch G.I. Joe with Kah Wai this past Tues­day at the media preview.

G.I. Joe wannabe

It’s a nice movie by the way. If you haven’t watch it yet, expect to see lots of actions, lots of visual effects, lots of explo­sions and lots of hot guys and hot chics with hot bodies.

Although I find cer­tain parts of the story don’t make much sense and it’s kind of pre­dic­tive, but still, it’s a nice movie to watch. And you should watch it on the big screen.


This post is about Life

This post has 1 comment


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wong7 August 200910:14 AM

Old time favourite car­toon 😆 Erm… With the shirt on, the last photo looks like you’re the boss… You’re not in the movie right?

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