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Cycling video

I’ve edited a 2-minute video of the cycling trip at Taman Pertanian Malaysia.

The video was shot with my Nikon D90 and edited in iMovie.

I spent my whole night editing the video, so give face a bit watch it ok.

Enjoy the video.

Cycling at Taman Pertanian Malaysia from Dennis Lee on Vimeo.

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  1. max max

    Wow look like some reality show on tv.
    The transition effect is very good! iMovie has such effect meh?

  2. Vimeo seem like is very slow streaming the video compare to youtube. Overall is nice, I should learn from you about video editing. haha..

  3. @Max
    Reality show??? Hahaha… Yes it’s all done in iMovie…

    Thanks for the info… I’ll try Youtube next time… Actually you don’t have to learn from me… the secret is… get a Mac!!!

  4. Joshua Joshua

    yes yes… nice… 😀

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