Yesterday we were required to take a group photo of the web team for a newspaper advertisement.

The web team

Top row from left to right: Kevin, Peter, Richie, YT and Batman.

Bottom row from left to right: Dominic, me, Pan Sin and Nicholas.

We have tried several poses and below are some of the outtake photos.

The official upcoming poster for “Batman and Robin” (spoiler: Batman and Robin are getting married).

Batman and YT

Peter trying out the sleeping beauty pose.

Peter and gang

And the boss trying the constipation pose.

The boss


kopiais 15 August 2009

Was that Richie’s hands on Batman’s and Kevin’s shoulder (first picture, the top row)??

Dennis 15 August 2009

We have Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman… now we found Elastic Man…

Ryan 16 August 2009

wow. those arms are really stretchable. @.@

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