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Broga Hill

This morning I went hiking at Broga Hill, Semenyih with How Zen and his brother.

I’ve heard so much about this hill all over the blogsphere and facebook but this is the first time I step my foot on the hill.

Broga Hill

We reached the bottom of the hill — which is a palm oil farm — around 9.30 AM and there were so many people already (picture below was taken after we came down).

Palm oil farm

We grabbed our cameras and started the journey.

Entering the forest

When we were going up, many people already coming down.

Along the way, we saw a lot of people bringing their dogs to hike. Should be some pets club or something.

Climbing steps

The journey was harder then I thought. Exhausted and sweat like crazy.

Crossing obstacles

We took around 30 minutes to pass through the forest.

View from middle of the hill

We were rewarded with a spectacular view already even when we have not reach the peak yet.

Half of the journey

We stopped for awhile to take pictures while cooling ourself down. Then we continued our journey.

Keep climbing

And finally we reached the first peak.

First flat peak

From the first peak, we then continue to climb to the second peak.

Second flat peak

We reached the second peak and started taking pictures here and there.

Panorama view from the peak

Click on the picture above to view bigger size of the panoramic view (1280px × 283px).

We didn’t continue to the third peak because it seems nothing much up there.

Third peak

It was a cloudy morning so when the cool wind blows it was really refreshing.

I was expecting to see a lot of twitch grass up there but it seems like the season was over. So there were not much left.

Twitch grass

We spent like an hour up there before we came down.

Coming down was so so easy because all we need to to is just slide down the sloop all the way to the bottom of the hill.


Just joking lah. Sliding down was just a small sloop. We still need to climb down the hill and pass through the forest.


But going down took only half the time and required less effort.

This is the first time I hike to a bold hill where only grasses and rocks can be seen up there.

The trip was quite fun and eye opening.

And after all the sweat, what could be better than a bowl of icy-cold cendol?


More photos on my Facebook album.

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  1. Hehe like the place? the cendol looks tasty T_T
    p.s. office has internet

  2. Wah I was still making changes to the post you already comment…

    Yeah it’s a nice place to hike…

    That is just a normal cendol lah… but I like the yellow jelly…

  3. it’s okie, my comment is very common one…won’t effect your changes …hahahahahahahahhahaha

  4. Se@n Se@n

    nice place!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dan Dan

    dude, broga Hill was awesome previously (as in 2 years ago), now too commercial already 🙁 sob sob…

  6. Max Max

    Though it’s near to my place, but I still haven’t been there hehe

  7. I shall join you next time!

  8. ms white ms white

    Hello. we are thinking of going this October.
    any special advices?
    what is the best time to reach there & start climbing?
    able to see sunrise ah?

  9. Rick Rick

    Greaat infor… thanks. Thinking of going there tis raya break. The other option is Gunung Datuk in Rembau, Try dat!

  10. @ms white
    Advice ar… not much lar coz I’ve been there only once… but try not to go there if it rains the day before… because the land will become slippery and it’s very dangerous…

    You are welcome… Gunung Datuk looks interesting! Will try that if I have the chance…

  11. they got sell cendol down there?

  12. Hahaha… no lah. We went to Kajang for cendol 🙂

  13. lawrence lawrence

    Hi All,

    Im going to organise a trip to broga hill with my colleagues (Company activity), our group included chinese and malay..
    so i would like to know is there any malay food selling around broga hill? because im sure after the climbed we will looking some food there…
    please advise because i nv been there..
    thanks alot

  14. Hi Lawrence, sorry I have no idea what food available around Broga hill.

  15. lawrence lawrence

    Hi Dennis,

    its ok…
    anyway, thanks alot

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