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It has been months since I had this feeling.

I do not know what is it or how to describe it.

But it’s never a good thing.

I lose interest in almost everything I do.

I have trouble putting my thoughts into words.

Because my thoughts are all in pieces and I can’t link them together (that explained why I seldom blog recently).

I can’t think properly.

I’m trying to avoid responsibility.

I’m feeling tired all the time.

I do not know what am I doing.

I tried to get myself out of this but failed miserably.

I know something has gone wrong.

But I couldn’t find the cause.

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  1. angeles angeles

    hi dennis! i’ve been following your blog for a few months and i think we stay quite near each other LOL (no, diff apt, dun worry)

    anyway, just to say hi and tell you that what you are feeling now could most probably be just a phase.. u know, like the up and down phase? i recently had it too… it was worse for me as i work at home on my own (freelance).. no mood to do work, but that also means, no income! die anot??

    so, don’t worry.. it’ll be over soon 🙂 all the best!

  2. Hi angeles, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I really hope I’ll get over it soon… but it seems so persistent…

    Anyway, nice to meet you here. Are you web designer as well?

  3. agreed with angeles. there’s always up and down period in life.
    take a short break and go and get some fresh air.
    talk if you may.

    cheers up and hang in there… ~>hugs<~

    Love ya…

  4. Come on my friend..

    Be simple mind!

  5. max max

    Maybe you need a vacation?

  6. Dan Dan

    jom … join me bali next year april 🙂 gonna have a birthday bash over there…

  7. angeles angeles

    hello.. are you feelin’ better now? if still unsure, then the long weekend ahead might be a good time to take some rest? have a good one!

    i’m not a designer… i’m more of a translator 🙂

  8. Grown up is bitch isn’t it? 😆 Sure will over, just how-to only la…

  9. howzen howzen


    be tough, bro~

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