This post is about Life

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It has been months since I had this feeling.

I do not know what is it or how to describe it.

But it’s never a good thing.

I lose inter­est in almost every­thing I do.

I have trou­ble putting my thoughts into words.

Because my thoughts are all in pieces and I can’t link them together (that explained why I sel­dom blog recently).

I can’t think properly.

I’m try­ing to avoid responsibility.

I’m feel­ing tired all the time.

I do not know what am I doing.

I tried to get myself out of this but failed miserably.

I know some­thing has gone wrong.

But I couldn’t find the cause.


This post is about Life

This post has 9 comments


CommentNo. 1

angeles11 September 200912:56 AM

hi den­nis! i’ve been fol­low­ing your blog for a few months and i think we stay quite near each other LOL (no, diff apt, dun worry)

any­way, just to say hi and tell you that what you are feel­ing now could most prob­a­bly be just a phase.. u know, like the up and down phase? i recently had it too… it was worse for me as i work at home on my own (free­lance).. no mood to do work, but that also means, no income! die anot??

so, don’t worry.. it’ll be over soon :) all the best!

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis11 September 20099:59 AM

Hi ange­les, thanks for shar­ing your thoughts.

I really hope I’ll get over it soon… but it seems so persistent…

Any­way, nice to meet you here. Are you web designer as well?

CommentNo. 3

kopiais11 September 200910:38 AM

agreed with ange­les. there’s always up and down period in life.
take a short break and go and get some fresh air.
talk if you may.

cheers up and hang in there… ~>hugs<~

Love ya…

CommentNo. 4

Ervin Ter11 September 200911:38 AM

Come on my friend..

Be sim­ple mind!

CommentNo. 5

max14 September 200910:32 PM

Maybe you need a vacation?

CommentNo. 6

Dan15 September 20093:51 AM

jom … join me bali next year april :) gonna have a birth­day bash over there…

CommentNo. 7

angeles17 September 20093:11 AM

hello.. are you feelin’ bet­ter now? if still unsure, then the long week­end ahead might be a good time to take some rest? have a good one!

i’m not a designer… i’m more of a translator :)

CommentNo. 8

wong22 September 20096:02 AM

Grown up is bitch isn’t it? 😆 Sure will over, just how-to only la…

CommentNo. 9

howzen27 September 20092:06 PM


be tough, bro~

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