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This is my first trip to Cameron Highlands.

The jour­ney started early in a Sun­day morn­ing, went through the wind­ing roads and finally reached Cameron High­lands at noon.

First stop, ‘BOH’ Tea Cen­tre at Sun­gai Palas.

BOH Tea Centre

There were 9 of us all-together. 3 of us (includ­ing me) are photographers.

Group having tea

It’s good to hang out with not only pho­tog­ra­phers, but also photographer-friendly peo­ple because they just know when and how to pose.

“I’m going to pour this milk, want to take pic­ture or not?” How Siang asked.

Then 3 of us started to shoot pic­tures of him pour­ing the milk.

High tea

At ‘BOH’ Tea Cen­tre we ordered, what else, ‘BOH’ tea and some cakes and cookies.

They call it the Cameron­ian Gold Bland tea and it costs RM3.30 per pax.

Not bad I would say espe­cially when you are hav­ing it at that place.

Then we went for the tea pro­cess­ing fac­tory tour. Noth­ing much to see.

Tea factory

Pre­vi­ously, I didn’t know Cameron High­lands is such a big place with 3 major town­ships — Ringlet, Brin­chang and Tanah Rata.

Dri­ving from one end to another takes around 10–20 minutes.


At night, we went for din­ner at a steam­boat restau­rant at Brinchang.

It seems like a norm to have steam­boat for din­ner at Cameron High­lands because there were so many steam­boat restau­rants there.

Hav­ing a steamy hot steam­boat at a freez­ing cold night is sure a very enjoy­able thing.

After din­ner, we walked to the nearby pasar malam (night market).

It was so crowded!

Pasar Malam

The pasar malam at Cameron High­lands has noth­ing much dif­fer­ent from the pasar malams else where.

Except you see peo­ple wear­ing jacket and sweater instead of sin­glet and mini pants.

Besides, most of the things are straw­berry related. Straw­berry soft toys, straw­berry key­chain, straw­berry can­dies, straw­berry umbrel­las, straw­berry ice-creams, straw­berry pil­lows, you name it they got it.

Strawberry merchandises

The next morn­ing, we vis­ited the rose farm owned by our host’s father.


Next stop is the straw­berry farm at Brin­chang town.

Strawberry pot

We tried many straw­berry related foods like straw­berry muf­fin, straw­berry milk shake, straw­berry ice-cream, straw­berry yogurt and straw­berry puff.

Strawberry food

How can you say you’ve been to Cameron High­lands with­out bring­ing back any straw­ber­ries? So I bought some straw­ber­ries too.


I bet you have had enough see­ing the word straw­berry. Well, I aslo had enough copy and past­ing the word strawberry.

Don’t worry, this post is almost finish.

It was almost evening, so we stopped by another tea farm as our last stop.

They wanted to do some jump shots and so we did it.


It was a really fun and excit­ing 2-day trip. Although it was a bit tir­ing, but I felt refreshed and recharged.

While we were on the way going home, we were greeted by a beau­ti­ful sun­set right after a rain.

And that marks the end of our journey.

Sunset panoramic

(Click on the pic­ture above to view big­ger picture)

P/S: More pho­tos com­ing soon on Face­book near you.


This post is about Life

This post has 9 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ervin Ter23 September 20099:10 AM

Can’t believe that pasar malam in cameron high­land has so many peo­ple. Nice shot bro.

CommentNo. 2

Ted23 September 200910:48 AM

Great entry & love the pictures.

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis23 September 200911:47 AM


CommentNo. 4

Grace23 September 200912:16 PM

walau… so many straw­berry.… u make me crazy!!
im super super super love straw­berry leh.…

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis24 September 200912:20 AM

Really ar… hahaha… come and take some lah…

CommentNo. 6

max27 September 20091:37 AM

I love straw­berry fondue

CommentNo. 7

Vincy28 September 20098:47 PM

How’s the taste of the strawberry?Sweet??hehe

Author’s CommentNo. 8

Den­nis28 September 20099:20 PM

Yes I love straw­berry with choco­late fon­due too…

Too bad they are all very sour… hahaha…

CommentNo. 9

Jobless Girl9 February 20113:28 PM

Ya, agree with you… hav­ing steam­boat for din­ner is most enjoy­able thing in cameron.

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