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Back on track

When I last wrote the post “Lost” a few weeks ago, everyone seemed to be worried about me.

Thank you for all your concern but I must say that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

I might be lost but it doesn’t mean that I am depressed or sad. I am still a happy person and I still live my life like every other day.

It was just a feeling of something missing.

However, it seems like that feeling has gone and now I’m back on track.

The curse has been removed and once an ugly beast has now turned into a handsome prince.

It could be the holiday or maybe the moment has just arrived. I somehow found the missing puzzle that was causing all these lost thingy.

Something that has gone missing all this while has returned.

It’s the objective in life.

Life without objective is like sailing in the mist without direction. You will never get on shore.

Routine life makes people blinded and diverted from the original path. Objective is the only thing that guide us through the obstacles while keeping us on track.

It took me months to finally found something to hold onto, something that motivates me to keep going.

It’s not something big nor fancy nor life changing. But it’s something worth to pursue.

Although I might not reach the shore and discover a new world like how Christopher Columbus did.

But even the slightest light in the darkest sea can be the biggest hope to head to.

I feel like a pupa emerged into a butterfly.

I feel like I’m ready to take onto a bigger stage.

I feel like I should play a bigger role in my life.

I’m ready to take on new challenges and I will make sure every step I take will bring me closer to a better future.

Post Script

Ceh wah, I’m like writing novel only. But if I’m able to write like that, it means that my brain cells are functioning already.

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  1. Ted Ted

    And I’m waitin for Season 2, LoL…

  2. Ugly beast? i thought you’re adorable when you’re lost hahahaha

    Alright~~ objective in life, hopes, challenges… that’s what i wanna hear bout…

    Always chin up ya~!

  3. @Ted
    Season 2 – Daylight coming this Summer 2046…

    Adorable?!?!?! LOL…

  4. Kevin Kevin

    GOOD to hear that!

    Enrich your life, Enrich your future….

  5. max max

    fua motivated!

  6. Hehehe… paiseh… trying so hard to be dramatic…

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