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When I last wrote the post “Lost” a few weeks ago, every­one seemed to be wor­ried about me.

Thank you for all your con­cern but I must say that there’s absolutely noth­ing to worry about.

I might be lost but it doesn’t mean that I am depressed or sad. I am still a happy per­son and I still live my life like every other day.

It was just a feel­ing of some­thing missing.

How­ever, it seems like that feel­ing has gone and now I’m back on track.

The curse has been removed and once an ugly beast has now turned into a hand­some prince.

It could be the hol­i­day or maybe the moment has just arrived. I some­how found the miss­ing puz­zle that was caus­ing all these lost thingy.

Some­thing that has gone miss­ing all this while has returned.

It’s the objec­tive in life.

Life with­out objec­tive is like sail­ing in the mist with­out direc­tion. You will never get on shore.

Rou­tine life makes peo­ple blinded and diverted from the orig­i­nal path. Objec­tive is the only thing that guide us through the obsta­cles while keep­ing us on track.

It took me months to finally found some­thing to hold onto, some­thing that moti­vates me to keep going.

It’s not some­thing big nor fancy nor life chang­ing. But it’s some­thing worth to pursue.

Although I might not reach the shore and dis­cover a new world like how Christo­pher Colum­bus did.

But even the slight­est light in the dark­est sea can be the biggest hope to head to.

I feel like a pupa emerged into a butterfly.

I feel like I’m ready to take onto a big­ger stage.

I feel like I should play a big­ger role in my life.

I’m ready to take on new chal­lenges and I will make sure every step I take will bring me closer to a bet­ter future.

Post Script

Ceh wah, I’m like writ­ing novel only. But if I’m able to write like that, it means that my brain cells are func­tion­ing already.


This post is about Life

This post has 6 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ted30 September 20091:12 AM

And I’m waitin for Sea­son 2, LoL…

CommentNo. 2

kopiais30 September 200910:01 AM

Ugly beast? i thought you’re adorable when you’re lost hahahaha

Alright~~ objec­tive in life, hopes, chal­lenges… that’s what i wanna hear bout…

Always chin up ya~!

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis30 September 200910:18 AM

Sea­son 2 — Day­light com­ing this Sum­mer 2046…

Adorable?!?!?! LOL

CommentNo. 4

Kevin30 September 200911:59 AM

GOOD to hear that!

Enrich your life, Enrich your future.…

CommentNo. 5

max2 October 20099:13 AM

fua moti­vated!

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis2 October 20098:19 PM

Hehehe… paiseh… try­ing so hard to be dramatic…

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