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My friends and I attended the Malaysian Phil­har­monic Orches­tra open­ing con­cert of sea­son 09/10 at Dewan Fil­har­monic Petronas, KLCC.

Group shot

From left to right, Ziyi, Jenn Ting, Sophea, Kah Wai and I.

The con­cert was sim­ply mind blow­ing. It was the best con­cert ever. Loved the Beethoven’s Sym­phony No. 5. The cham­ber play­ers’ per­for­mance was just flawless.

The 11 year-old pianist, Tengku Ahmad Irfan was very awe­some as well. Although his per­for­mance wasn’t per­fect, but at his young age, he is surely talented.

MPO brochure

Although the con­cert was a lit­tle bit shorter than usual, but every­one truly enjoyed it.

When the con­cert was over, we went to the lobby to take some pictures.

Sud­denly a guard asked us to give way to some­one. I turned around and saw Tun Dr. Mahathir and his wife. They were at the con­cert as well.

Tun Mahathir

Pic­tures taken with Sophea’s new toy.

It was no doubt an awe­some open­ing for this sea­son. Hope to attend more great con­certs like this.


This post is about Musical

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

kopiais7 October 200910:39 AM

eh eh eh eh *evil-laugh*
every­thing was just so great on that day, wasn’t it? XD

CommentNo. 2

Ted7 October 200911:13 AM

Great post. Pic­tures tell a thou­sand words.

CommentNo. 3

smashpOp8 October 200912:20 AM

fuh smart. 😀

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