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Remem­ber the mil­lion­aire guy Mr. B who I thought he had some­thing fishy going on?

Well, he texted me again yes­ter­day night. Here’s the message.

Beh kan e lang. I invite u said not free. But at fb u go here go there 2gether with them or u friend.

Beh kan in hokkien means “can­not fuck”; e lang means “the per­son”. So lit­er­ally it means “the per­son who can­not be fucked”. But wait, don’t think on the wrong side. This phrase must be inter­preted together with the con­text. Here, it should mean “the per­son who can­not be trusted or depen­dent on”.

Am I a per­son who can­not be trusted or depen­dent on?

This is ridiculous.

Not free to go out to eat his abalone, never really con­tact him after 7 years since diploma times and going here and there with my friends make me a per­son who can­not be trusted?

Come on lah, I have a life to live. My world doesn’t evolve around him alone. If he thinks that I’m not a sin­cere friend to him, then let it be. Because I am feel­ing the same thing too.

It seems like he is just try­ing to get my atten­tion, but for what rea­son I have no idea.

Even if he has no bad inten­tion, I’m just too sien to even reply his message.

P/S: I did not “at fb go here go there”. Face­book is a web­site, I can­not go here and there inside Face­book, I had phys­i­cally been to many places.


This post is about Life

This post has 4 comments


CommentNo. 1

Dan15 October 20091:24 PM

good lord, ask him to grow up and get a life … tell him ttat u are not a abalone per­son 😛 or why dont u tell him like …“u are not my friend, as we were classmate?”

luck­ily i stop every sin­gle activ­i­ties dur­ing 1st year with this fella. 😛

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis15 October 20093:37 PM

Hahaha… igno­rant is bliss… I think I should do that too…

CommentNo. 3

kopiais15 October 20093:50 PM

haha he so des­per­ate to see you…even text you… just ignore the fella la…

CommentNo. 4

Ervin Ter15 October 20094:38 PM

He is like so childish

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