I have many things I want to post but I decided to post this first because got nicer pictures. 🙂

I just bought a new pair of Nike+ running shoes today.


I think most of us know that Nike+ must be used together with iPod or iPhone to keep track of the runner’s training.

Nike+ inside

Although I do not have any iPod or iPhone… yet, but this could come in handy when I got myself one.

A happy guy I was with my new running shoes ready for the Singapore marathon at the end of the year.

But happiness ends when I unfold the shoe pad.

Nike+ under

Where is the freaking sensor?! No sensor included?

Apparently, it seems like the answer is no. For RM279, you get only a Nike + a hole.

Nike+ hole

Want the sensor? + another RM109 to buy them from Apple.

Nike+ sensor

And I’m stupid enough to think that everything comes together.

This is call business.

P/S: It’s a good shoes though…

Update: Just found out from Edward who found out from Jason, that the sensor’s battery is not changeable and it lasts for 1 year only. Those money suckers…


Ted 26 October 2009

It’s like a kid unboxing the present to find the hero figure doesn’t come with a gun or sword. Nevertheless, it’s still a great gift from you to yourself 🙂

Dennis 26 October 2009

Yeah man… they are misleading… it’s like buying a transformer figure but cannot transform until you buy the transforming mechanism…

Hurrie 20 February 2011

Where can I buy the sensor?

Dennis Lee 21 February 2011

Any Nike Store or Authorised Apple Retailers.

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