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Early Sep­tem­ber, few weeks before Hari Raya, I got a sum­mon from a traf­fic police at KL.

I was dri­ving from Pudu head­ing towards Sun­gai Wang. I reached the Kam­pung Pan­dan Round­about and took a 9 o’clock turn­ing into Jalan Kam­pung Pandan.

Unfor­tu­nately, right after I turned into that road, a traf­fic police stopped me and directed me to stop by the road side.

(Map below shows the route I took high­lighted in green while the round­about high­lighted in red)

Kampung Pandan roundabout map

I parked my car and rolled down the win­dow. The police offi­cer walked slowly towards me.

(The fol­low­ing con­ver­sa­tion was orig­i­nally in Malay)

Police: “I.C. and license.”

I handed over both my I.C. and license and waited.

Police: “Do you know what is your offends?”

Me: “Ermmm… I’m not really sure.”

Police: “You can­not turn left at the round­about, you must go around the round­about first before you turn.”

Me: “Oh… sorry lah I didn’t know about that.”

Police: “That’s the thing. You have to be care­ful. Have you read yesterday’s newspaper?”

Me: “Er… no.”

Police: “Do you know Ops Sikap Oper­a­tion has started?”

Me: “No I don’t.”

I was think­ing what the hell is Ops Sikap?

Police: “Nor­mally you have to pay RM300 com­pound. But dur­ing Ops Sikap, the com­pound will go to max­i­mum. So how?”

Me: “Since I was wrong, never mind lah, I’ll take the summon.”

Police: “What?! You want sum­mon? Are you sure? Because nor­mally peo­ple don’t want sum­mon you know?”

Me: “I know. But it’s okay I’ll take it.”

The police offi­cer seemed a bit shocked and dis­ap­pointed. He went back to his motor­bike and came back with a sum­mon 10 min­utes later.


I took the sum­mon and drove off. Then I started to regret.

I regret­ted not because I didn’t buy him cof­fee, but I regret­ted because I didn’t take any pic­ture of that sit­u­a­tion within that 10 min­utes of idle time to post on my blog.

It sounds ridicu­lous but that was the only thing on my mind after I drove off.

Okay you might ask why I did not bribe him. I could have just pay him RM50 instead of RM300 compound.

But you know what, I would rather pay RM300 to the gov­ern­ment than RM50 to him as his duit raya.

Hid­ing at a cor­ner prey­ing and wait­ing for peo­ple to fell into his trap espe­cially weeks before Hari Raya is just so sick. I didn’t want him to get what he wanted.

I didn’t fol­low the traf­fic rules (although there was really no sig­nage at that round­about) and I’m will­ing to pay the price.

So until yes­ter­day, I went to the Puchong Police Sta­tion to set­tle the summon.

I with­drawn RM300 and ready to pay the com­pound. But guess what, it wasn’t RM300 as told by the police offi­cer. It was only RM100, plus a 30% discount!


I asked the offi­cer at the counter why got dis­count? He told me that if I man­aged to pay the com­pound within the com­pound dead­line (1 month from date issued), I will get 50% dis­count. If I pay after the com­pound dead­line but before the court dead­line (2 months from date issued), I will get 30% discount.

I felt so happy and relieved at the same time. Luck­ily I did not pay that police RM50.


This post is about Life

This post has 13 comments

CommentNo. 1

Ryan26 October 200910:10 PM

LOL. Yes. My teacher once told us must bar­gain the price at the counter! The ear­lier the cheaper.

CommentNo. 2

Ted26 October 200911:05 PM

haha, just love hear­ing the story again from you. It’s pretty humor­ous and am glad you finally decided to write this post. =D

CommentNo. 3

wong27 October 20091:35 AM

The ear­lier you pay the bet­ter rate you got… So… Ops Sikap Oper­a­tion still a fail­ure eh?

CommentNo. 4

kopiais28 October 200912:34 PM

hahaha every­where also got sale (dis­count!)… even summon…

CommentNo. 5

Ervin Ter29 October 200911:21 AM

Is that road really can­not turn left? no road sign board at all?

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis29 October 200912:06 PM

That round­about is a bit con­fus­ing… there are 2 roads (Jalan Yew and Jalan Pasar) com­ing from the same direc­tion and joins together at the round­about… I’ve been there sev­eral times… no sign board at all…

CommentNo. 7

Richie Chin7 November 20098:54 AM


CommentNo. 8

Niki Cheong23 December 200910:51 PM

Good on you for not bribing! :)

And yes, I thought the same too. Rather pay the RM300 to the police force than to one officer!

Together we can rid cor­rup­tion! haha 😛

CommentNo. 9

Alexander Wong23 June 20101:00 AM

Hey, I just stum­bled this blog when search­ing for pudu round­about. Guess what, I had the same thing last year too!

Firstly that’s one messed up round about or I rather call it 8-about. After mak­ing the same 9 oclock turn, the police pulled me over.

Then they keep telling me its wrong while I asked him to prove it to me as I don’t see where’s my mis­take. I told him I entered a round­about and made a sig­nal to turn left when its clear and safe to do so. So I don’t think I’ve done any­thing and I insisted that I’ll appeal on it.

Since I was in a hurry, I insisted on get­ting saman, thats where the fella got agi­tated. Then asked me to leave. So I don’t need to men­tion why he was pissed off.

2 weeks later, on myeg, it was recorded that I had com­mited an offense for obstruc­tion to traf­fic for RM30. WTF!! Well, at least its cheaper than your RM70.

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Den­nis Lee23 June 201010:28 AM

Hey Alex,

Never thought any­one would stum­ble upon my blog by search­ing pudu round­about. Hahaha…

It’s a gray area and the police force is using it to the max! I won­der how many have already kena this case before us.

Yeah you got cheaper com­pound but at least I got mine up-front. Yours was like kena stabbed from behind with­out a sign. Hahaha…

CommentNo. 11

Darren12 August 201010:05 PM

Hey brother, i also just kena 1 traf­fic sum­mons yes­ter­day. The puchong police sta­tion you men­tioned issit the one oppo­site IOI mall? i checked online the sum­mons cost me RM200. So if i pay within 1 month will get dis­count for sure right? I also never pay cof­fee $$ to the M

Author’s CommentNo. 12

Den­nis Lee13 August 20109:59 AM

Hi Dar­ren,

Wel­come to the club… hahaha…

Yes, the Puchong Police Sta­tion is oppo­site IOI Mall and behind Neway.

I heard they stop the dis­count thingy few months back already…

Not sure what’s the lat­est sit­u­a­tion now… can update me if you find out?

CommentNo. 13

Darren20 August 201012:49 AM

I just paid it yes­ter­day, no more dis­count start from MAY!
Quite sad…

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