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It has been the busiest Mon­day ever. I was on leave and I’ve been dri­ving up and down the whole KL from day till night.

So I thought it would be inter­est­ing to map out the routes I took (Puchong — Sun­way — Ampang — Wangsa Maju — KL — Puchong). I drove almost 80 km!


Okay, my day started with McD break­fast at Sun­way Pyra­mid to pre­pare myself for a long day ahead.

McD Breakfast

After I set­tled most of the things there, I drove all the way to KL to find the Embassy of Japan to sub­mit my schol­ar­ship appli­ca­tion (will write more about the schol­ar­ship soon).

AYF Scholarship application documents

How­ever, Google Maps ruined my plan by giv­ing me wrong direc­tion! I wasted almost 2 hours dri­ving around KL to look for Embassy of Japan.

And the best part was my phone ran out of credit! I can’t call but to wait for some­one else to call me and help me to search for direc­tions online.

Luck­ily Ted called and he helped me to top up my phone before I called Kevin to find out the actual location.

How I wish I had an Inter­net com­mu­ni­ca­tion device so that I can search for infor­ma­tion online. Sigh…

After I’m done with Embassy of Japan, I drove to immi­gra­tion office at Wangsa Maju to renew my passport.

I was kind of lost because I’ve never been there before.

How I wish I had a GPS device so that I can get direc­tions on the go. Sigh…

I reached the immi­gra­tion office at 2 PM and it was like pasar!

Immigration office Wangsa Maju branch

I took my num­ber and almost fainted. There were 68 peo­ple before me!


There were 3 rounds of wait­ing — wait­ing to sub­mit the form, wait­ing to pay and wait­ing to col­lect. What a nightmare.

I finally got my pass­port at 5 PM.

I was so bored and how I wish I had an iPod with me so that I can lis­ten to music or even watch videos. Sigh…

I think I really need an Inter­net com­mu­ni­ca­tion device, a GPS device and an iPod.

An Inter­net com­mu­ni­ca­tion device, a GPS device and an iPod. Are you get­ting it?

I don’t need 3 sep­a­rate devices. I need only one device and that’s the iPhone!

After today, I’ve decided to get myself an iPhone and hope­fully as a Christ­mas present for myself.

Okay next stop, din­ner. I drove back to KL to find Ted and Joanne for din­ner. They brought me to this Kamimura Japan­ese Restau­rant at Menara Weld.

Ted & Joanne

The food was heav­enly out of this world. No Japan­ese food I’ve tried else­where come close to this (will blog about Kamimura soon).

So that’s all for the day. Tired of dri­ving and wait­ing, relieved from the schol­ar­ship appli­ca­tion and sat­is­fied with superb Japan­ese food.

Though it was busy but it was a good busy day.


This post is about Life

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

Kevin3 November 20099:49 AM

iPod + Phone + Inter­net Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Device = iPhone !
haha.. you should post the vid

CommentNo. 2

wong3 November 20094:31 PM

Wait­ing is a bitch, wait­ing in goverment-related office is blood boil­ing. Wah… Jaaaa­Pan le…

CommentNo. 3

Ted3 November 20095:17 PM

It’s worth every effort & trip that you’ve made to ensure the appli­ca­tion reaches the japan embassy safely. Kudos to you! :) at least you’re at ease now. Wel­come to the club 😉

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