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I’ve suc­cess­fully inte­grated my blog with Face­book using Sim­ple Face­book Con­nect plu­gin.

Facebook Connect login button

What does it mean? It means that if you are logged into Face­book, you don’t have to enter your name, email or web­site every time you comment.

How­ever, if this is your first time com­ment­ing with your Face­book account, or you have logged out from Face­book, you will see the blue Con­nect but­ton like the one on the right.

Click on the Con­nect but­ton and you will see the login screen below.

Facebook Connect

Facebook detected

Once you have con­nected your Face­book to my blog, you can start com­ment­ing with­out enter­ing any addi­tional information.

Just leave your com­ment as usual and your avatar will appear auto­mat­i­cally. You will be able to see your own com­ments instantly with­out wait­ing for my approval.


If the page doesn’t look right, refresh the page or clear your browser’s cache. Com­ments and sug­ges­tions are welcome.


This post is about Design

This post has 2 comments


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Peter Yee24 November 200910:25 AM


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Sean Kung24 November 20092:37 PM

nice one

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