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I have finally got my iPhone 3GS yesterday.

iPhone and packaging box

I booked my iPhone last last Sun­day and I got it after 8 days of wait­ing. How lucky I am.

After using it for one whole day, I have to say that I don’t really like iPhone… I love iPhone!

Peter saw my iPhone today and he was like, “Wah new iPhone! Erm… okay… another iPhone.”

Just weeks before today I had exactly the same reac­tion as him when I saw some­one got new iPhone, it doesn’t excite me that much. iPhone is every­where around me, I see and touch it almost everyday.

But once I got my hands on my own iPhone, it’s totally a dif­fer­ent story.

Scrolling through my own address book, mak­ing calls to my own friends and fam­ily, down­load­ing apps of my own choice and lis­ten­ing to my own music col­lec­tion, the expe­ri­ence is just so different.

Since then I never look at iPhone the same way again.

iPhone on top of the box

iPhone is really very use­ful. I can do so many things with it. I can make phone calls, lis­ten to music, surf Inter­net, play Face­book, update Twit­ter and even write blog posts.

The pos­si­bil­ity is just end­less with new apps keep pop­ping up every­day in the App Store.

iPhone calculator

Out of so many things, one of the rea­sons I wanted an iPhone is because it has a cal­cu­la­tor! And it’s a beau­ti­ful cal­cu­la­tor some more.

I’ve always looked for cal­cu­la­tor while in the office, at restau­rants and at home, because I always needed one (you should know why).

But every time when I wanted to bor­row iPhone’s cal­cu­la­tor from Kevin, he refused to bor­row me, I don’t know why.

Never mind, now I have my own cal­cu­la­tor in my iPhone! Yay!

A phone + Inter­net com­mu­ni­ca­tion device + iPod = iPhone! iPhone is really the best phone, or I would say best gad­get I’ve ever used.

And with its built-in Nike+ receiver, now I’m really tempted to buy the Nike+ sen­sor for my Nike+ shoes.


This post is about Life

This post has 8 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ted26 November 20098:12 AM

Wel­come to the club :) come to think of it, I haven’t tried usin te cal­cu­la­tor. iPhone must have got you all hype up 😉

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis26 November 200910:22 AM

Yeap… indeed very very hyper when I first got my iPhone. Can’t stop touch­ing it… hahaha…

CommentNo. 3

Peter Yee26 November 20093:48 PM

Damn!!! So fast…

Yea, still remem­ber that quote, and ur reply too. “You will feel dif­fer­ent if you are own­ing it.” Haha. Come to think about it, I will feel the same hype u got. ^^

No doubt. Best phone of the cen­tury. (count­ing coins…)

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis27 November 200911:42 AM

We will wait for you to join the club… jia you!

CommentNo. 5

EDyew27 November 20093:44 PM

Good man… I got the news that white got stock..

CommentNo. 6

Ryan28 November 200911:04 AM

haha. Itu Kevin! =p

CommentNo. 7

max28 November 200912:38 PM

iPhone bla bla bla bla…
(hehe don’t punch me!)

Author’s CommentNo. 8

Den­nis28 November 20091:06 PM

–_-”’ Don’t let me see you buy­ing iPhone lor…

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