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Ted asked for photo shoot­ing ses­sion and I sug­gested KLPac at Sen­tul Park so there we went.

It must be a curse or some­thing, the weather turns dark every time we go out for photo shooting.

All pic­tures turned out to have some gloomy and gothic feel. Still, here are some pic­tures I think are acceptable.

Koi pond at Sentul Park

Koi pond at Sen­tul Park.

Yuritei Japanese restaurant at Sentul Park.

Yuritei Japan­ese restau­rant at Sen­tul Park.

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre at Sentul Park.

Kuala Lumpur Per­form­ing Arts Cen­tre (KLPac) at Sen­tul Park.

Birds on tree branches.

Birds on tree branches.

Path of arcs.

Path of arcs.

Last 2 pic­tures make this post even more spooky isn’t it?


This post is about Photography

This post has 18 comments


CommentNo. 1

Swee Ping29 November 20092:25 AM

I like the ‘Birds on tree branches’ :-)

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis29 November 20092:49 AM

Thanks Swee Ping! But why are you not sleep­ing at this hour?

CommentNo. 3

Ted29 November 20095:14 PM

spooky? lol the next door fac­tory is even spook­ier! i love your shots very much 😀

CommentNo. 4

Swee Ping29 November 20097:50 PM

Aren’t you the same as well? :-)

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis29 November 200910:46 PM

Thanks Ted… where’s yours?

CommentNo. 6

max29 November 200911:17 PM


CommentNo. 7

Kopi Ais30 November 20092:11 PM

O_o|| my god…so many activities…but nice shots hehe

Author’s CommentNo. 8

Den­nis30 November 20092:56 PM

Thanks Max thanks Kopi Ais… where got many activ­i­ties… we were just too bor­ing dur­ing week­ends mar…

CommentNo. 9

Lyne14 December 20094:04 PM

Oh my, these are beau­ti­ful shots. Good job.

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Den­nis14 December 20094:16 PM

Thanks Lyne!!!

CommentNo. 11

joanne14 December 200910:41 PM

i like path of arcs.

CommentNo. 12

Yen Lai15 December 20093:10 PM

Hi, I didnt know that there is a place cal sen­tul’s nice!!

CommentNo. 13

yen lai15 December 20093:59 PM

Nice shoot.

CommentNo. 14

amry1 June 20124:44 PM

hi there.nice pix.
is the park need to pay before any photoshot?i think i want to make wed­ding pho­to­shot there…

Author’s CommentNo. 15

Den­nis Lee1 June 20124:58 PM

Hi amry,

You don’t have to pay to go in, but you need to get approval from the man­age­ment for photoshoot.

CommentNo. 16

amry1 June 20125:05 PM

means i need to get the man­age­ment con­tact number…you have one?if yes, please let me know…if you don’t, it’s ok…btw, it’s under sen­tul koi park right?

Author’s CommentNo. 17

Den­nis Lee1 June 20125:11 PM

Sorry I don’t have. It’s under YTL. Don’t put too much hope, I heard it’s very hard to get approval.

CommentNo. 18

amry1 June 20125:27 PM

i see…means i need to go there and see them..
ok DL…tq 4 ur info!!
keep up ur nice pix. i already book­mark ur web­site!
thanks again!

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