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Singapore, a city that I’ve heard so much about but never had the chance to experience it by myself until recently.

When I knew about Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 back in July, immediately I called Ted and Sophea and planned for a trip to Singapore.

Singapore financial centre
Singapore's financial centre skyline.

I kept telling them this was my first trip to Singapore. But in fact, this would be the third trip, 2 of which were when I was aged 3 and 12. I don’t really remember anything.

So this trip became my first overseas trip (consciously). And for the first time, I got my first chop in my own passport, I exchanged my own money into a foreign currency and I gone through a custom.

Currency and custom

There are just too many things to write so I will make it into 4 posts.

Don’t ask me when I will post them because I don’t know either. But for now, head on to my Facebook album to see some pictures first!

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  1. Ted Ted

    Nice photo on the $$$. You forgot to put “Contoh” on it 😀

  2. its indeed a nice n clean country 🙂

  3. @Ted
    Not forgot… but lazy…

    Yeah… love their transportation system too…

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