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I did my first 10km marathon 5 months ago at KL Marathon 2009.

It was kind of a good expe­ri­ence. So when I heard about this Sin­ga­pore Marathon back in July 2009, I thought it would be great to be able to run and at the same time, visit Sin­ga­pore. One stone two birds. Good plan.

I trained quite hard 2 months before the marathon. But too bad when the marathon was one month away, my gym mem­ber­ship expired.

I decided not to renew because the gym increased the price. So all my train­ings gone down the drain just like that.

The big day finally came. Three of us — Ted, Sophea and I — went down to Sin­ga­pore hap­pily, and doubtfully.

On the race day, we woke up at 5AM, got our­self pre­pared, had some bread and took the MRT to the venue.

Ted, Sophea and I camwhored before we start running.

Ted, Sophea and I camwhored before we start running.

The Sin­ga­pore Marathon had so many par­tic­i­pants they had to divide men and women to run sep­a­rately. Men will be run­ning at 7:45AM while women at 8:30AM.

When the time reached 7:45AM, the race started.

Start line

Ini­tially it was easy, the routes were mostly flat and there were many scener­ies and sky­scrap­ers to look at.

How­ever, there came an incline bridge at around 5km. I guess it was at least 500 metres long. Sweat…

Bad thing hap­pened when I reached around 6km. My right knee started to feel pain. I had to slow down.

Maybe it was because lack of train­ing, or maybe because I didn’t warm up properly.


The pain became worst when I reached 8km. I was prac­ti­cally “run­ning” at a walk­ing speed.

But I told myself that I can­not stop and I’ve got no choice but to fin­ish the race even if I broke my leg.

I slowly dragged my legs towards the end. 1km… 500m… 200m… 100m… and finally I crossed the fin­ish line at 1 hour and 27 min­utes. 8 min­utes later than my pre­vi­ous record.

Ok lah not bad also right? Despite my knee pain, I was still able to fin­ish 10km within 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Resting runners

The Sin­ga­pore Marathon was so dif­fer­ent from KL Marathon. The whole event was very well organ­ised. Things were really well thought and planned. It was no doubt a very good run­ning experience.

Ted Sophea and I

Ted, Sophea and I pos­ing for victory.

It seems like both Ted and Sophea talked about the next run and ended their posts with a ques­tion mark.

Ok lah for the sake of con­sis­tency, I’ll do it too.

KL Marathon 2010 is com­ing soon. Hmmm… well… do we actu­ally have to think about next run so soon!!!??? My knee still pain leh. You all ok already meh?

Sin­ga­pore Series

More pic­tures of my Sin­ga­pore trip on my Face­book album.


This post is about Life

This post has 5 comments


CommentNo. 1

chenglam15 December 20092:50 AM

Well u still able to fin­ish it despite your knee pain, con­sid­ered as quite good already. Try 21KM next time la… haha.

CommentNo. 2

smashpOp15 December 200911:09 AM

wish i was there

CommentNo. 3

Ted15 December 200911:12 AM

You did well bro. Let’s join the KL Marathon 2010 & I’m sure you’ll do just as fine even if ure knee injury haven’t recover by then. 😉

CommentNo. 4

yen lai15 December 20093:12 PM

Hi, i like sports as well. I can see that Ted, Sophea and Den­nis are very active in sports..especially Marathon!! Good job

CommentNo. 5

kopiais16 December 20099:14 AM

yeah… you were doing good.
no more knee pain liao…

lis­ten to chenglam… go for the 21km hahaha

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