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This post I’m going to talk about what I think about Sin­ga­pore — The Lion City.

The first impres­sion about the coun­try was, “so many high­ways but so lit­tle cars”, “Hmmm, noth­ing much dif­fer­ent from KL”.

That was before I reached the city. But once I arrived at the city cen­ter and started to walk around, my per­cep­tion changed.

Singapore street

North Bridge Road, Singapore.

Sin­ga­pore is indeed a very clean coun­try com­pare to Malaysia. Clean but not to the extend of totally no rub­bish at all.

“Look it’s rub­bish! Here is another rub­bish!” I was point­ing here and there to Sophea like I’ve never seen a rub­bish before in my life.

But of course I can only do that in Sin­ga­pore because rub­bish is prac­ti­cally every­where in Malaysia. Noth­ing spe­cial to point out.


Queen Eliz­a­beth Walk on the Esplanade.

There are sev­eral things I noticed that Sin­ga­pore has a lot. There are lots of shop­ping malls, lots of Star­bucks, lots of ice cream stalls, lots of good look­ing peo­ple, lots of Louis Vuitton’s, lots of Japan­ese foods and lots of DSLRs.

So many shop­ping malls I sim­ply lost count of how many shop­ping malls I went and don’t even ask me to remem­ber the names.

But one thing very cool is the under­ground shop­ping mall — CityLink Mall — an under­ground mall con­nect­ing sev­eral points of inter­est includ­ing the MRT station.

CityLink Mall

CityLink Mall.

Trans­porta­tion in Sin­ga­pore is rel­a­tively cheap and con­ve­nient. The MRT is one of my favourites.

Singapore’s MRT is dif­fer­ent from KL’s LRT in many ways.

Their esca­la­tors are 2 times faster, their sta­tions are 3 times crow­der, their trains are 4 times longer, and their air-conds are 5 times stronger.

Hmmm… so different.

Inside MRT

Inside MRT train.

I was so sur­prised when I saw the City Hall inter­change sta­tion actu­ally has 2 lev­els of plat­forms, 2 tracks above and 2 tracks below.

Okay lah I know I’m a frog in a well. But that’s some­thing new to me.

Sin­ga­pore is not only famous for it’s pub­lic trans­port, but also how open minded their peo­ple is (at least that’s what I heard from many sources).

I was walk­ing in a shop­ping mall and I over­heard a snip­pet of a con­ver­sa­tion between 2 high school girls.

“If she wants to have sex, it’s ok! That’s just nor­mal for human!” a girl talk­ing loudly to the other girl.

I was like, wow okay, why don’t they use a mic instead? Louder mar.

Maybe Sin­ga­pore­ans are really more open minded. Just look at our hotel room, it comes with trans­par­ent bathroom!

Hotel 81

Hotel 81 Dickson.

Sin­ga­pore Series

More pic­tures of my Sin­ga­pore trip on my Face­book album.


This post is about Life

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

smashpOp17 December 200911:00 AM

nice wor ur room. where u stayed?

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis17 December 200911:05 AM

Hahaha… it’s a bud­get hotel call Hotel 81 Dick­son some­where near Bugis and Lit­tle India.

It’s famous for “busi­ness” stay…

CommentNo. 3

Kopi Ais17 December 20099:13 PM

are you sure she said “if you want to have sex…”? not some­thing else… *whistling* hahahaha

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