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Singapore: The Lion City

This post I’m going to talk about what I think about Singapore — The Lion City.

The first impression about the country was, “so many highways but so little cars”, “Hmmm, nothing much different from KL”.

That was before I reached the city. But once I arrived at the city center and started to walk around, my perception changed.

Singapore street
North Bridge Road, Singapore.

Singapore is indeed a very clean country compare to Malaysia. Clean but not to the extend of totally no rubbish at all.

“Look it’s rubbish! Here is another rubbish!” I was pointing here and there to Sophea like I’ve never seen a rubbish before in my life.

But of course I can only do that in Singapore because rubbish is practically everywhere in Malaysia. Nothing special to point out.

Queen Elizabeth Walk on the Esplanade.

There are several things I noticed that Singapore has a lot. There are lots of shopping malls, lots of Starbucks, lots of ice cream stalls, lots of good looking people, lots of Louis Vuitton’s, lots of Japanese foods and lots of DSLRs.

So many shopping malls I simply lost count of how many shopping malls I went and don’t even ask me to remember the names.

But one thing very cool is the underground shopping mall — CityLink Mall — an underground mall connecting several points of interest including the MRT station.

CityLink Mall
CityLink Mall.

Transportation in Singapore is relatively cheap and convenient. The MRT is one of my favourites.

Singapore’s MRT is different from KL’s LRT in many ways.

Their escalators are 2 times faster, their stations are 3 times crowder, their trains are 4 times longer, and their air-conds are 5 times stronger.

Hmmm… so different.

Inside MRT
Inside MRT train.

I was so surprised when I saw the City Hall interchange station actually has 2 levels of platforms, 2 tracks above and 2 tracks below.

Okay lah I know I’m a frog in a well. But that’s something new to me.

Singapore is not only famous for it’s public transport, but also how open minded their people is (at least that’s what I heard from many sources).

I was walking in a shopping mall and I overheard a snippet of a conversation between 2 high school girls.

“If she wants to have sex, it’s ok! That’s just normal for human!” a girl talking loudly to the other girl.

I was like, wow okay, why don’t they use a mic instead? Louder mar.

Maybe Singaporeans are really more open minded. Just look at our hotel room, it comes with transparent bathroom!

Hotel 81
Hotel 81 Dickson.

Singapore Series

More pictures of my Singapore trip on my Facebook album.

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  1. nice wor ur room. where u stayed?

  2. Hahaha… it’s a budget hotel call Hotel 81 Dickson somewhere near Bugis and Little India.

    It’s famous for “business” stay…

  3. are you sure she said “if you want to have sex…”? not something else… *whistling* hahahaha

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