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Merry Christmas 2009

Every year, I write a Christmas wish list and list down 10 things I wish to have.

When I look back at my 2007 wish list and my 2008 wish list, I found out that most of the items on the lists have already been crossed.

Those that haven’t are either time consuming or I don’t bother to get them anymore.

Here’s a list of things from my previous wish lists I’ve already possessed:

1. Bed frame
2. Mattress
3. T-shirts
4. Levis jeans
5. G2000 shirts
6. New hair colour
7. New spectacles
8. Car battery
9. Nikon D90
10. iPhone
11. Blazer
12. Perfume
13. Shoes

I think I’ve got most of the things I wanted for now. But for the sake of my own tradition, I have to come up with a new 10-item wish list just to be consistant.

So here it goes.

All I want for Christmas are,

1. Remote speedlight
2. Big aperture wide-angle lens
3. External hard-drive
4. New gym membership

Okay, I am kind of running out of ideas.

What else? Hmmm… lets see…

5. Wardrobe
6. Sofa set

Wow, things are getting more and more expensive. They will take me years to get them all.

Let’s put in something cheaper to balance it up.

8. Steam iron
9. USB removable drive
10. Sexy swimming trunk

Phew… There you go, my 2009 Christmas wish list.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

P/S: Dear Santa, if you happen to drop by my blog either from other blogs or you googled “Christmas wish list”, I just want to let you know that I don’t mind receiving a cheque. Thanks.

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  1. “sexy swimming trunk” ? I wonder how would you look like…

    Merry Christmas DensLee

  2. Ted Ted

    have a joyful christmas & a blessed new year bro. I’ll get you a gstring swimming trunk ya? hohoho

  3. Thank you folks!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Kopiais… Ted,
    that would be nice!

  5. max max

    I’ll buy you a leaf

  6. Swee Ping Swee Ping

    Why sexy swimming trunk?? o_O

  7. @Sean
    Nice ar? Then you wear lor… hahaha…

    Must be banana leaf only big enough to cover…

    @Swee Ping
    So that I can swim sexily lor… hahaha…

  8. Swee Ping Swee Ping

    *slaps forehead* 😛

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