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Magic Mouse

I just bought an Apple Magic Mouse as a Christmas present for myself.

Okay lah, not exactly a present. I will buy the mouse anyway be it Christmas or Wesak.

I really love the multi-touch scrolling, the aluminium body and the white crystal surface.

Can’t help but to take picture of this beautiful mouse. But with those ugly fingers, it’s like beauty and the beast.

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  1. Ted Ted

    ugly fingers? its better than mine already. mine’s yellow due to smokin? lol

  2. There’s no way we can become a hand model… hahaha…

  3. max max

    yer your nails…

  4. It’s about the mouse, not the hand!!!

  5. Ted Ted

    sigh, and my ambition while i was a kid is to be a model

  6. i tot that one is the original photo from apple, take a closer look…haha wakaka…

  7. Ryan Ryan

    same thought with max. haha. But the photo looks professional la. How did u get the white contrast?

  8. @Ryan
    Aiya… it’s about the mouse people…

    The shot was taken on my white bed sheet, colour balance in post and then paint the background to total white… that’s it…

  9. Ryan Ryan

    oh! alright!

  10. my fingers worse! cos i bite my fingernails wan.

  11. good choice, for me its lingerie 🙂

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