A conversation with a monk

The monk said to me, “when somebody scolding you, you feel angry.

That’s because you believe it’s something you should be angry about.

You think he is being rude to you, you think he is scolding you. You made yourself believe those actions are rude and those words are bad.

But in fact, whatever he did is just an action and whatever he said are just some words. It is you yourself who interpreted them as something bad.

You accuse him for not respecting you. But can you respect him for not respecting you?

You can’t stop people from moving or talking. But you can start to believe in good than bad.

It’s the positive thoughts that will bring you good deed.

It’s the law of attraction.”

Well, obviously there are so much more I need to learn.

Changing my mindset… changing my believes… wee wang wang… wee wang wang…


Ted 7 January 2010

wee wang wang? i prefer hee hee haa… sometimes looking at a different perspective would be good

Peter Yee 7 January 2010

Totally! Its all about positive thinking, whenever is good or bad, you make the call.

wong 8 January 2010

So… Matrix… 😆

Eldy 9 January 2010

But why monk never smile ?? xD

Dennis 9 January 2010

The one I met is very open and keep smiling… we even talk about computers and iPhone… hahaha…

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