Taiping Lake Garden

Thanks to a colleague’s wedding I finally have the chance to go back to my hometown and shoot at Taiping Lake Garden.

Taiping Lake Garden.

Taiping Lake Garden was originally a mining site.

Angsana trees and Chinese bridge.

The bending Angsana trees (or locally known as rain trees) are the signature of Taiping Lake Garden. And most of them are over 100 years old.

The trees got their name because they will continue to drop water even after a rain, thus the name rain trees.

Richie, Swee Ping, Sophea and Peter wondering around.
Peter, Sophea, Swee Ping and Richie doing the MYOB pose.
Left: Peter, Richie and Nicholas posing with iPhones. Right: Me and Sophea.

Update: More photos on my Facebook album.


Swee Ping 27 January 2010

The first photo —> 2 thumbs up! Very beautiful! Mystic feel 😀 and I like the MYOB photo 🙂

Dennis 27 January 2010

Thanks thanks 🙂

Kevin Teh 27 January 2010

Great photo! I love the first shot!

Grace HuiChin Quak 27 January 2010

OMG!!!! dennis ar… the pictures very nice leh…….. nice shot!!! =)

Ryan 28 January 2010

hey i like the second last and third last photograph. And all wearing white! =D

Hey that’s the shirt we bought u in Malacca. Yay u wore it

Dennis 28 January 2010


Yawor… all wearing white except me… hahaha…

That t-shirt I wore many times already lor…

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