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Bidor has Kai Chai Peng, Serem­ban has Siew Pao and Ipoh has Pomelo.

When it comes to my home­town Taip­ing, it must be Heo Pia.

The name Heo Pia (Xiang Bing in Man­darin or Heong Peng in Can­tonese) lit­er­ally means “aro­matic biscuit”.

It’s crispy on the out­side with lots of sesame, and it has a layer of sticky and sweet caramel on the inside.

There are many famous Heo Pia in Taip­ing but I par­tic­u­larly like the one from Aulong (another small town in Taip­ing) because it’s not too sweet.

The owner made a garage beside the house to bake and sell biscuits.

Beside Heo Pia, there are all kinds of bis­cuits priced around RM2RM3 per pack.

Once you go in, it’s very dif­fi­cult to come out with empty hands because they are cheap and they look tasty.

That day when I wanted to bring my col­leagues there, I couldn’t find the place and I tried Google but with no luck. I have to ask around before reach­ing the destination.

So I thought it’s good to write this post for oth­ers to find it easily.

The fol­low­ing Google Maps is just an approx­i­mate loca­tion because that road is not labeled in Google Maps. Find the exact address below.

View Larger Map.

The shop house has only one small sign board that reads “Heo Pia sold here”.

Address: No. 768 Lorong 29, Aulong Baru, 34000 Taip­ing, Perak.
Tele­phone: +605–808-7608


This post is about Food

This post has 5 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ervin Ter31 January 20102:58 AM

Wow.. it is near my house.

CommentNo. 2

Swee Ping31 January 20109:19 AM

yup, so hard to come out with empty handed cos i came out full handed…

CommentNo. 3

Sharon1 February 20103:23 PM

I find it sur­pris­ing that it’s at my home­town Taip­ing, and near my house — Aulong. I love HeoPia too (:

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis1 February 201011:28 PM

Oh really? Have you tried out their heo pia?

@Swee Ping
Yalor… almost can­not fit into my small lit­tle car.

Why lah sur­prise? Taip­ing got good things also 1…

CommentNo. 5

Kevin Teh2 February 201010:16 AM

abit regret that I din brought the heo pia…

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