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Pasta Zanmai CNY Special

Ted, Sophea and I went for dinner at Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley after a photography session at Thean Hou Temple.

Pasta Zanmai's menu cover and green tea.

They have a special promotion for Chinese New Year — the Chinese New Year Prosperity Course Menu. It comes with 5 dishes and costs RM99 for 3-4 pax. It was just nice for 3 of us.

Pasta Zanmai Chinese New Year Prosperity Course Menu.

I didn’t like Yee Sang much before this because none of the Yee Sang I had tastes anywhere near good. They were either too sour or the Salmon Sashimi was so thin it dissolved once you finish mixing.

Yee Sang with thick Salmon Sashimi. Huat ah!!!

But Pasta Zanmai’s Yee Sang was so good that we finished the whole plate not long after it arrived.

The Salmon Sashimi was fresh and thick. The different ingredients topped with the special dressing made it the best Yee Sang I’ve ever had.

Grilled lamb leg with black pepper sauce and Hotate scallop pizza.

The medium done grilled lamb leg was fantastic. It was nicely grilled on the outside and half raw on the inside. Juicy, tender and fresh.

We requested to change the avocado pizza to hotate pizza which I ordered every time I visit Pasta Zanmai.

The hotate pizza never fail me. Scallop, mushroom, tomato sauce and mayonnaise make a perfect combination to give your taste buds a roller coaster ride.

Prawn and pumpkin pasta with cream sauce and fruit tart.

The pumpkin pasta tasted rather normal. I didn’t really like it. If I knew this earlier, I will probably try to request them to change it to another pasta instead.

Lastly, the fruit tart was okay okay only. Crispy pastry topped with lots of fruits and not-too-sweet-custard. But RM13 for this thing alone? Are you kidding me?

I know it might be too late to say this, but if you happen to read this before 28th February 2010, do go and give it a try.

4 more days until Chinese New Year celebration is over. I wish everyone a prosperous year ahead and Gong Xi Fa Chai! Huat ah!!!

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  1. Ted Ted

    Definitely lookin forward to go back for the pizza 🙂 But for now, it’s time to diet after the heavy feastin for LNY.

  2. It’s ok lah, how to resist good food? Keep the festin comin’.

    You still look underweight by the way.

  3. Ted Ted

    i’ve been hidin a michelin tyre actually, lol

  4. max max

    Don’t miss Pasta Zanmai’s Desserts! They’re great.

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