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Thean Hou Temple

It was the 7th day of Chinese New Year, Sophea and I decided to go to Thean Hou Temple (天后宫) situated near Mid Valley Megamall for photography.

Thean Hou Temple is decorated with lots of red lanterns.

It was my first time being there. Thean Hou Temple is indeed a very beautiful temple.

Carvings of dragon and pheonix on the temple's roof.

To my surprise, there were so many photographers that day. Almost half of the visitors were holding DSLR.

Lion dance at the entrance of Thean Hou Temple.

And what’s more surprising was, there were so many Malay and Indian photographers as well. I mean, isn’t that nice? Different races gathered with no political or religious conflicts doing what they like to do — photography.

Sophea on the left, and Guanyin statue on the right.

The main reason photographers went there is of course, to shoot the lanterns. Sophea and I reached there at 5 PM and waited until around 7 PM when the lights of the lanterns were turned on.

Panorama of Thean Hou Temple's lanterns at night.
Lanterns on one of the towers.
Lanterns on the highest tower.

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  1. you were using iphone to snap the panorama shots?
    the shots very vibrant… mine are super red T____T
    p.s i haven’t process yet. FML

  2. Not iPhone. I used Photoshop to stitch 3 photos together.

    Actually all the photos are HDR. That’s why it took me so long to process.

  3. max max

    Your photos are looking really pro now

  4. Ted Ted

    2 Thumbs Up for this set! 🙂 Love the color and angle.

  5. eh not bad wei, ur camera can control the red nicely wihtout over exposing the tone

  6. Thanks Max and Ted. I’m flattered hearing that.

    Thanks! Even more flattered to hear from the master.

    The tone in these pictures was produced by blending 3 different exposures from a single RAW file. So I have better control on the tone on different parts of the picture.

  7. oh ic ic.. so much effort in each photo. no wonder they turn out so well 🙂

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