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It was the 7th day of Chi­nese New Year, Sophea and I decided to go to Thean Hou Tem­ple (天后宫) sit­u­ated near Mid Val­ley Mega­mall for photography.

Thean Hou Tem­ple is dec­o­rated with lots of red lanterns.

It was my first time being there. Thean Hou Tem­ple is indeed a very beau­ti­ful temple.

Carv­ings of dragon and pheonix on the temple’s roof.

To my sur­prise, there were so many pho­tog­ra­phers that day. Almost half of the vis­i­tors were hold­ing DSLR.

Lion dance at the entrance of Thean Hou Temple.

And what’s more sur­pris­ing was, there were so many Malay and Indian pho­tog­ra­phers as well. I mean, isn’t that nice? Dif­fer­ent races gath­ered with no polit­i­cal or reli­gious con­flicts doing what they like to do — photography.

Sophea on the left, and Guanyin statue on the right.

The main rea­son pho­tog­ra­phers went there is of course, to shoot the lanterns. Sophea and I reached there at 5 PM and waited until around 7 PM when the lights of the lanterns were turned on.

Panorama of Thean Hou Temple’s lanterns at night.

Lanterns on one of the towers.

Lanterns on the high­est tower.


This post is about Photography

This post has 7 comments


CommentNo. 1

Kopi Ais27 February 20101:56 AM

you were using iphone to snap the panorama shots?
the shots very vibrant… mine are super red T____T
p.s i haven’t process yet. FML

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis27 February 20101:54 PM

Not iPhone. I used Pho­to­shop to stitch 3 pho­tos together.

Actu­ally all the pho­tos are HDR. That’s why it took me so long to process.

CommentNo. 3

max27 February 20107:22 PM

Your pho­tos are look­ing really pro now

CommentNo. 4

Ted27 February 201011:16 PM

2 Thumbs Up for this set! :) Love the color and angle.

CommentNo. 5

smashpOp1 March 201010:15 AM

eh not bad wei, ur cam­era can con­trol the red nicely wihtout over expos­ing the tone

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis1 March 201010:33 AM

Thanks Max and Ted. I’m flat­tered hear­ing that.

Thanks! Even more flat­tered to hear from the master.

The tone in these pic­tures was pro­duced by blend­ing 3 dif­fer­ent expo­sures from a sin­gle RAW file. So I have bet­ter con­trol on the tone on dif­fer­ent parts of the picture.

CommentNo. 7

smashpOp2 March 20109:55 AM

oh ic ic.. so much effort in each photo. no won­der they turn out so well :)

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