Pulau Ketam & Tanjung Harapan


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Pulau Ketam

One fine day, my friends and I planned for a trip to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) for walk walk shoot shoot.

The island is a small fish­ing vil­lage located not far away from Klang.

We drove to Port Klang, took a RM7 (one way) ferry at the jetty, and after 30 min­utes, we were already on the island.

The main street of Pulau Ketam.

Pulau Ketam is very sim­i­lar to my mother’s home­town — Pan­tai Remis — in many ways. So it was noth­ing new to me.

There was really noth­ing much on the island. We walked from one end to the other and back in less than an hour.

We got bored and started to take some portraits.

After that, we set­tled down on a restau­rant and ordered, what else, crabs!

Fried lala omelette and fried crabs.

Although the lala’s in the omelette were small, but the food was really nice. Loved the crabs so much. They were so fresh and full of meat. They really live up to the island’s name.

After meal, we took the last ferry at 6 PM to come back to Port Klang. Since there was still enough time for us to catch the sun­set, we head on to Tan­jung Harapan.

Tan­jung Harapan

Tan­jung Hara­pan is near the North Port. It took us a while before we found the way.

Ted on action.

Tan­jung Hara­pan is a nice place for sun­set shoot­ing. But too bad that day was too cloudy for us to catch a nice sunset.

Sophea on action.

After sun­set, we call it a day and drove back to KL.

Oh I miss the crabs on the Crab Island so much. Slurpsss…


This post is about Photography

This post has 6 comments


CommentNo. 1

Sin Ling5 March 20104:56 PM

It looks like a fried oys­ter omelette to me? :p but it looks yummy too. Btw, you have a bunch of nice pho­tos, keep up the good work, pho­tog­ra­pher as well as DSLR :)

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis5 March 20105:14 PM

Actu­ally we ordered both oys­ter and lala omelette. But the pic­ture shows the lala one. And they taste good.

Thanks for the com­pli­ments. I will do better 😉

CommentNo. 3

Ted5 March 201010:16 PM

Yeah Brother, ure shots are get­tin bet­ter each & every outin trip. Con­duct a lec­ture for us soon ya?

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis5 March 201010:54 PM

It’s all about edit­ing brother, it’s all about editing.

CommentNo. 5

smashpOp8 March 201010:01 AM

wow very nice day trip. wish i was there 😀

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis9 March 20108:38 AM

Yahor, never had any pho­to­shoot­ing trip with you before. Any idea where to shoot? Let’s plan one :)

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