Twenty seven


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I’m now offi­cially twenty seven (27) years old!

Happy birth­day to me! Yay!

3 more years before I hit the 30th mile­stone. Damn it’s so fast can you believe that? 3 more years to 30! OMG I can’t believe it.

As a tra­di­tion, peo­ple make wishes on their birth­days. So here’s my take.

My third wish is, travel to US, Europe and Japan by the age of 30.

My sec­ond wish is, tak­ing my career to the next level, also by the age of 30.

And my first wish, well, it’s kind of per­sonal and pri­vate, so I’ll keep that to myself.

Thanks for all the greet­ings! Love you all!


This post is about Life

This post has 8 comments


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Sean Kung13 March 201012:48 AM


Happy Birth­day

CommentNo. 2

Ervin Ter13 March 20101:48 AM

Happy Birth­day wor.

CommentNo. 3

Kevin Teh13 March 201010:19 AM

Happy birth­day, may ur dream come true. =)

CommentNo. 4

Grace HuiChin Quak13 March 201010:57 AM

happy birth­day ya…
& I wanna know ur 3rd wish.. wakaka =)

CommentNo. 5

Ted13 March 20105:06 PM

27 = Young, Fresh, Lively. Con­tinue to party on and count for­ward to 30 now. Blessed Birthday!

CommentNo. 6

Sin Ling13 March 201010:22 PM

Den­nis, happy birth­day to you once again, is your big day, kill the boss, have a crazy fun day today… :)

CommentNo. 7

smashpOp15 March 201010:46 AM

happy belated bday feng!!!!!!!

CommentNo. 8

Clive15 March 20101:00 PM

hey denslee! nice blog u did! have a happy birth­day to u!

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