KL Marathon is back!

It’s time to drag yourself back on track, because the Standard Charted KL Marathon is back! (Oh, it rhymes!)

The event is set on 27 June 2010 at Dataran Merdeka, it’s 3 months/14 weeks/103 days from today.

Picture taken at the starting line of Standard Charted KL Marathon 2009.

I’m still considering which category should I join.

There are 5 categories.

  • Full Marathon (42.195km)
  • Half Marathon (21.0975km)
  • 10km Run
  • 5km Individual Fun Run
  • 5km Family Fun Run

I ran 3 marathons before this. The 6km pre-marathon, KL Marathon 2009 (10km) and Singapore Marathon (10km).

Should I challenge myself by taking up half marathon (21km) or should I just stick to 10km run?

Head on to www.kl-marathon.com for more details and registration.

Registration opens today (15 March 2010) and there will be an early bird discount from today until 15 April 2010.


Peter Yee 15 March 2010

Take 10km. Beat your previous best time.

Dennis Lee 16 March 2010

One side of me is telling me what you said, but another side is telling me to push my own limit… hmmm… *scratch scratch*

chenglam 16 March 2010

hey, count me in. Peter is right, beat ur previous time and from there u get more confidence and ready up for 21km next.

Dennis Lee 16 March 2010

Wah surprise you want to go. Lets do it!

Lee 17 March 2010

Glad to hear you all are heading to the KL Marathon.Good Job.

Dennis Lee 17 March 2010

Hi Lee, so you will be joining also? All the best to you 🙂

lee 17 March 2010

Hi Dennis, ya…i will be participate in KL marathon..

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