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My 25th birhtday was celebrated at Neway Karaoke. My 26th birthday was celebrated at, well, also Neway Karaoke. It proves that my friends and I really like karaoke.

Then I was thinking, “let’s do something different this year.” So we went to Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur.

A bunch of my best friends.

And how glad I was to make that decision. Because it was simply the best birthday dinner I’ve ever had.

The food was nice, the drinks were great and most importantly, I have all my best friends with me.

Cheng Lam and I.

Ryan, me and Kevin.

Ted, me and Joanne.

Peter, me, Sophea and Kah Wai.

After dinner, they bought me a Flamming Lamborghini. I had to finish the drink in 1 shot. After a few minutes, the flame continued to burn on my face.

Me sucking the Flaming Lamborghini for the first time.

Not only that, they even bought me presents.

Thanks to Kevin, Ryan and Sophea for buying me an external hard drive. I’m loving it so much. Thanks! Muacks!

Western Digital external hard drive.

Thanks to Peter for getting me the tie clip. You read my mind. It’s exactly the one that I have always wanted. And it matches my cufflinks!

Thanks to Kah Wai for the 42 Below Honey Vodka. I can definitely use that to train myself to be a better drinker.

Tie clip and vodka.

Okay now here’s my thank you speech.

(losing neck tie) Ahem… (Tap tap the microphone)

You know what, people always say that when you are at home, you depend on your family. But when you are outside, you depend on your friends.

You guys are the friends that I’ve dependent on for so many years now. You stood by me when it was bad. You shared my joy when it was good.

(Stop for while, swallow saliva)

You guys are so great I simply couldn’t imagine where will I be without you. (start to emo)

Thank you for being part of my life (raise voice) I will try my best to be a better person (increase speed) and we will move forward together for a better future and live life to the max!

Thank you! Thank you! (audience stood up and applause)


This post is about Life

This post has 12 comments


CommentNo. 1

Keith Oon17 March 20101:11 AM

hey, happy birthday to you, though it might be a little bit too late, so long time din see you in MSN, hows u been?

CommentNo. 2

Kopi Ais17 March 20107:31 AM

You’re welcome and glad to hear that you’re happy with the decision you made, enjoy the night of food and friends and love the gifts. 🙂

nice *caption* speech…

CommentNo. 3

Ervin Ter17 March 20109:17 AM

Happy Birthday!

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Dennis Lee17 March 201010:00 AM

@Keith Oon
Hey!!! How did you find my blog?! Really long time no see. I’m good thanks.

Who needs MSN nowadays when we have Facebook and Twitter? Hahaha… keep in touch ya.

@Kopi Ais
Thank you Thank you…

@Ervin Ter
Thanks 🙂

CommentNo. 5

Peter Yee17 March 201011:40 AM

Carlsberg Tower! your new best friend! Look at the first pic.

First, thanks for invitation. I had a great night too!! And also meet some new friends (include the guitarist *ehem* and william hung).

Then, really glad that you like the clip. All the time spent on searching for the right one, worth it. And yes, i can read minds. LOL. (Actually is we had a chat long before, about tie clip. I just take the note down ;D )

Once again, Happy 27th Birthday!

Wishing you another great year of 2010. Cheers!

CommentNo. 6

Lee17 March 201011:44 AM

Happy Birthday young boy – Dennis!!

Author’s CommentNo. 7

Dennis Lee17 March 201012:35 PM

@Peter Yee
I know it’s not easy to find the clip. I’ve not seen it in most of the stores. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Hahaha… thanks!

CommentNo. 8

Kevin Teh18 March 201010:17 AM

Wish ur dream come true 🙂

CommentNo. 9

max21 March 20107:50 PM

all the best hehe

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Dennis Lee22 March 20101:29 AM

Thank you so much.

Thanks. But you didn’t come :~(

CommentNo. 11

max22 March 20103:46 PM

my bad =(

CommentNo. 12

Ryan22 March 201011:50 PM

i want the high res pic of me u and kevin!

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