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Almost one month ago, my friends and I went to white water raft­ing at Kam­par River (Sun­gai Kam­par), Gopeng, Perak.

The jour­ney started really early. Every­one had to gather at Puchong at 6 AM. Then we headed to McD Damansara for breakfast.

Sleepy heads munch­ing on McD break­fast at 7 AM.

After break­fast, we started our 2-hour jour­ney from Kuala Lumpur to Gopeng along the North South Highway.

North South High­way in the morning.

Around 9 AM, we finally reached Gua Tem­pu­rung, Gopeng.

Entrance of Gua Tem­pu­rung, Gopeng.

We met up with our appointed guide and he gave us a short brief­ing before we got our­self changed and pre­pared for the adventure.

After the brief­ing, every­one had to fill in and sign a form to declare our health con­di­tion and indi­cate that we under­stand the risks involved.

Sophea fill­ing out the dec­la­ra­tion form.

When we were done, 13 of us were “loaded” into a lorry. A lorry! Can you imag­ine that?!

13 “pigs” are ready for shipment.

On the lorry, we were then “trans­ported” to the actual loca­tion to begin our white water raft­ing adven­ture. While on the way, we were treated with some spec­tac­u­lar kam­pung sceneries.

On the lorry going to the start­ing point.

After 30 min­utes, we finally reached a place called My Gopeng Resort where all the rafts and equip­ments were ready for us to go.

A bridge over the Kam­par River at My Gopeng Resort.

Equip­ping our­self with safety jacket and helmets.

The cap­tain demon­strat­ing safety precautions.

When every­thing was done, it’s time to start the jour­ney. I swear every­body shouted “OMFG” inside when they saw the river below.

Rapid flow of the Kam­par River.

Before we actu­ally started to raft, we had our first activ­ity which is called the body rafting.

Kah Wai was scared to do the body rafting.

The cap­tain explained how to bal­ance in the mov­ing water. Then we had to flow our­self down the river one by one for a short distance.

This is to get our­self famil­iarise with the rapid con­di­tion in case we fell into the water.

Next thing to do is to learn how to lis­ten to the captain’s com­mands and also pad­dling techniques.

Learn­ing dif­fer­ent com­mands and pad­dling techniques.

When every­thing is done, finally we started our 2-hour/7km long journey.

2-hour/7km of white water raft­ing jour­ney begins.

We went through many dif­fer­ent lev­els of rapids, big and small. We pad­dled hard, we got stuck by the rocks, we fell into the water, we swam, we bumped into each other’s raft and most impor­tantly, we had fun.

The jour­ney fin­ished sooner than we thought. It was really an amaz­ing experience.

After we fin­ished raft­ing, we went back to Gua Tem­pu­rung and we were served with Malay del­i­ca­cies as our lunch (included in our package).

Lunch at the Malay stall at Gua Tempurung.

Although it was a tir­ing trip, but it was well worth it for the expe­ri­ence we gained.

P/S: More pho­tos on my Face­book album.


I booked my trip with Ivy Hol­i­days. We had a dis­count, for every 10 peo­ple we got 1 per­son for free. In other words, we paid for 12 peo­ple instead of 13.

Com­pany: Ivy Hol­i­days Sdn. Bhd. (KPL/LN:5125)
Address: 470, Jalan Kamunt­ing, 34600 Kamunt­ing, Perak.
Tel: 05–805 2927
Fax : 05–805 2928
Mobile : 012‑5555 831
D/L: 05–805 3118
Price: RM150 per person


This post is about Life

This post has 8 comments


CommentNo. 1

Kopi Ais24 March 20108:57 AM

XD very exciting…Let’s go again!

CommentNo. 2

Ervin Ter24 March 20109:15 AM

i want to go, how much each person?

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis Lee24 March 201011:03 AM

@Kopi Ais
Yes it was very excit­ing! We should try a big­ger one next time :)

Def­i­nitely must go! It was RM150 per per­son. Just updated this post with book­ing details.

CommentNo. 4

Ted24 March 201010:44 PM

finally, water raft­ing post 😀

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis Lee24 March 201011:43 PM

Yeap… 1 down 4 more to go…

CommentNo. 6

Ervin Ter25 March 20109:22 AM

Nice info. Thanks for updating.

CommentNo. 7

smashpOp25 March 201010:36 AM

wow seronoknya!

Author’s CommentNo. 8

Den­nis Lee25 March 20109:40 PM

You are def­i­nitely welcome :)

Ya… memang seronok!

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