Is that your real name?

The counter girl at Domino’s Pizza handed the Classified Chicken pizza to me.

She smiled and said, “thank you, Mr. Dennis.”

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“Is that your real name?” she asked.

“Er, not really, not on my IC. Why?”

“No lah, I’m just wondering. You must be very good at playing tennis right? Or else you won’t have that name.”

“What?! No! Wait, is that what shows up in the system? Tennis Lee?”


“No! It should be Dennis not Tennis! It’s D not T!”

“Oh, I see. Well, I guess there’s been a mistake. No worries, we can change that next time you come.”

Whatever 😕


wong 3 April 2010

3 letters.. L.O.L!

Ted 3 April 2010

Can’t blame them, English is a major problem 🙂

smashpOp 5 April 2010

AHAHAAHAHA sup tennis

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