Ching Ming Festival


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Ching Ming Fes­ti­val, a day when fam­ily mem­bers get together and remem­ber the departed ones.

My grand­par­ents’ grave.

It is always the biggest fam­ily gath­er­ing after Chi­nese New Year.

Uncles, cousins and sister.

Joss papers and flow­ers as offerings.

As tra­di­tion, guys will do the incense offer­ing first fol­low by girls.

As tra­di­tion, burn­ing joss papers and paper offer­ings never change for so many years.

Burn­ing all joss papers and paper offerings.

But wait, if you can’t change the tra­di­tion, then change the things to burn. Let’s burn some LV bags.

Paper LV bags.

Oh wait, it reads WF not LV. Damn, paper offer­ings also got pirated version!

P/S: More pic­tures on my Face­book album.


This post is about Life

This post has 8 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ryan5 April 20102:22 PM

We have Louis “Wuit­ton” for our ances­tors. =p

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis Lee5 April 20103:10 PM

Eh… the pro­nun­ci­a­tion is almost the same too! Hahaha… do they sell “Plada”?

CommentNo. 3

Ted6 April 201012:40 PM

Why no pics of grave? 😛

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis Lee6 April 20101:29 PM

The first pic­ture is the grave lor…

CommentNo. 5

Swee Ping7 April 201010:45 AM

Because even in the ‘under­world’ there is copy­right issues 😛

CommentNo. 6

Ted7 April 201011:36 AM

i meant close up shot, just grave and more graves with the photo of the dead? lol…

Author’s CommentNo. 7

Den­nis Lee7 April 20101:27 PM

@Swee Ping
Then it doesn’t make much dif­fer­ence up here or down there already… sad…

Got take, but didn’t want to post. It doesn’t feel right post­ing those close ups shots on my blog. Hahaha…

CommentNo. 8

chin12 January 20119:11 AM

any one know when is ching ming this year 2011? Thanks

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