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Do you ever dream about doing things that you wish you could do? Or going to places that you wish you could go?

Well, I do, all the time. I have lots of dreams ever since I was young. I guess being an imag­i­na­tive Pisces helps a lot too.

Today while I was surf­ing Flickr, and sort of got bored, I thought why not search for pic­tures of places I dreamed of going?

The more I search, the more I feel excited. So I com­piled a list, a dream list of beau­ti­ful places that would be so cool if I could go to and see it for myself.

All pic­tures taken from Flickr under Cre­ative Com­mons license, click on the image to go to the Flickr page.


The clos­est dream des­ti­na­tion. this is kind of easy to achieve. But I always give myself too many excuses.

Mount Kin­a­balu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Snow Moun­tain

Well, not exactly that I want to go to Italy. But all I wish is to go to some snow moun­tains, feel the cold­ness and ski.

Piani Di Bob­bio Val­torta, Italy.


See­ing an active vol­cano is kind of cool isn’t it? The clos­est vol­cano? Where else other than our neigh­bour Indonesia.

Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia.


Who doesn’t like white sandy beaches, crys­tal clear water and lively reefs. And you can find the best of all these at Mal­dives (I heart it’s sink­ing soon right?).

Angaga Island Resort & Spa, Maldives.


Desert is kind of on top of the dream list actu­ally. But Saudi Ara­bia sounds kind of far-fetched though. Maybe China?

Al-Dhana Desert, North of Najd, Saudi Arabia.

Salt Flat

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat located at South­west Bolivia, South Amer­ica. It’s a dried lake cov­ered with salt. When there’s water, it becomes the largest mir­ror on Earth.

Can you even imag­ine walk­ing on it?

Salar de Uyuni, South­west Bolivia, South America.


When you say “the tip of the ice­berg”, do you actu­ally have any idea how big the ice­berg is? I have totally no idea how big these things are. That’s why have to go and see one.

Sval­bard Glac­i­ers, North­east Green­land, Arctic.

Aurora Bore­alis

To me, aurora is like the most beau­ti­ful thing on earth. It makes me feel calm and relax. So this should be the ulti­mate dream.

Aurora Bore­alis at Bear Lake, Alaska, United States.

Well, dream is only dream. I know it’s like near impos­si­ble to go to all these places. But no harm hav­ing a dream right?

Do you have a dream? What is your dream?


This post is about Life

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ervin Ter11 April 20101:16 AM

good dream you have.

CommentNo. 2

Swee Ping11 April 201012:10 PM

Aurora Bore­alis!

CommentNo. 3

Sean Kung11 April 20108:37 PM


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