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I watched Mamak Mee-Ah! The Musi­cal Spoof last Sun­day. The con­clu­sion is, it was good, much bet­ter than what I have expected.

The finale pose after the theme song Mamak Mee-Ah!

The story revolves around top­ics like Malaysia-Singapore rela­tion­ship, local social and polit­i­cal jokes, youth issues and, what else, food!

Gotta love the humor­ous and sar­cas­tic Sin­ga­porean jokes they keep crack­ing. I really had a good laugh.

The casts per­form­ing Bare Celebri­ties (Bare Neces­si­ties from Jun­gle Book).

Although the script was good, but it doesn’t really stand out as much as the songs.

List of songs

  1. We Love the Good Food (Food, Glo­ri­ous Food from Oliver!)
  2. I Feel Hun­gry (I Feel Pretty from West Side Story)
  3. Under the Tree (Under the Sea from Lit­tle Mermaid)
  4. I’ll Eat Any­thing (I’d Do Any­thing from Oliver!)
  5. Empty Chairs at Plas­tic Tables (Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Misérables)
  6. I Got to Get a Mes­sage to You (Bee Gees)
  7. Love Let­ters (The Pat Boone Classic)
  8. SMS (SOS from Mamma Mia!)
  9. Sam­bal Nights (Sum­mer Nights from Grease!)
  10. Mak Cik Life (Mack the Knife from The Three­penny Opera)
  11. If I Were a Tan Sri (If I Were a Rich Man from Fid­dler on the Roof)
  12. Over the Cause­way (Over the Rain­bow from Wiz­ard of Oz)
  13. Bare Celebri­ties (Bare Neces­si­ties from Jun­gle Book)
  14. Low Class Bad Word (Lonely Goatherd from Sound of Music)
  15. No Pork No Pork (New York, New York)
  16. Bodoh (Bui Doi from Miss Saigon)
  17. What I Had for Lunch (What I Did for Love from A Cho­rus Line)
  18. Peas and Rice (JC Superstar)
  19. Mamak Mee-Ah! (Mamma Mia!)

I like how they have cho­sen songs from dif­fer­ent genre and most of the casts can really sing well.

Mak cik per­form­ing the song Mak Cik Life (Mack the Knife from The Three­penny Opera).

The only thing with the songs is the com­po­si­tion. It’s obvi­ous that the music wasn’t com­posed with real musi­cal instru­ments. They end up sounded a lit­tle bit like MIDI music. And the cut-and-paste over­ture at the begin­ning really makes me raise my eyebrows.

Besides, there are times we can’t really hear what the casts are singing clearly. Maybe it’s the sound sys­tem or maybe the singers them­selves. Or, maybe it’s like what Ted said, our Eng­land is not good enough.

Danc­ing to the song Low Class Bad Word (Lonely Goatherd from Sound of Music), the Dikir Barat way.

My favourite song out of so many is def­i­nitely No Pork No Pork (orig­i­nally New York, New York). Ah Fatt‘s exag­ger­ated act can really por­tray the typ­i­cal Malaysian Chi­nese biggest con­cern — an Islamic state with no pork and Char Siew.

Look at his face in the pic­ture below, so con­vinc­ing that the face shouts, “No pork? NO PORK???!!! NOOO……!!!”

Ah Fatt singing the No Pork No Pork (New York, New York). Thanks to Sophea for this picture.

All in all, it was a good local musi­cal pro­duc­tion. My friends and I really enjoyed it.

The Actors Stu­dio, Lot 10.

If after you read this and you feel like watch­ing this musi­cal, it’s not too late (as of writ­ing). The show ends this com­ing Sun­day, 18 April 2010. Find out more info about tick­et­ing on my pre­vi­ous post.

P/S: My last com­plaint would be, the stu­dio is too hot and the seat makes my ass numb.


This post is about Musical

This post has 13 comments


CommentNo. 1

callista13 April 20109:50 AM

Hi Den­nis,

Thanks for com­ing for the show and the review. Glad you enjoyed it.

Any chance I could get the pic­tures of the show from you?

CommentNo. 2

Kopi Ais13 April 20109:53 AM

“Don’t want to wake up in the morn­ing not hav­ing char siew…”

p.s. next time bring your own pil­low! hahaha

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis Lee13 April 201010:51 AM

You are wel­come :) It was a good show, congratulations.

@Kopi Ais
It was “Don’t want to wake up in the city with no Char Siew…”

Then I should bring my own fan also next time… hahaha…

CommentNo. 4

Brian Mack13 April 201011:23 AM

Hi Den­nis,

Glad you enjoyed the show too!

Some really great pho­tos you took. Will tell the cast to take a look.


CommentNo. 5

Ted13 April 201011:51 AM

nice pic­tures and color! 😀

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis Lee13 April 201012:05 PM

@Brian Mack
Thanks for drop­ping by :)

Well done on the show. Keep up the good work and all the best to you!

Thanks 😀

CommentNo. 7

Joe Zainul aka Ah Fatt14 April 20106:13 AM

Hi Den­nis,

Thanks for the kind words. I’m hon­oured that you liked Ah Fatt and his exag­ger­ated No Pork, No Pork. The pic­ture taken by Sophea too is just awe­some. I’ve even saved it on my desk­top! lol.


Joe Zainul @ Ah Fatt

Author’s CommentNo. 8

Den­nis Lee14 April 201011:28 AM

Hi Joe,

Thanks for drop­ping by. All my friends liked Ah Fatt too. Glad you like the pictures.

CommentNo. 9

Kevin Kei14 April 20101:05 PM

Glad you had fun dur­ing the show =)

CommentNo. 10

Johan Yusof14 April 20102:21 PM

Hi Den­nis!

Thank you so much for com­ing for the show! Glad you enjoyed it a lot. I had a great time per­form­ing in this musi­cal. I’ve got another one com­ing up towards the end of June called Sparks Of Broad­way under my mom, Farah Dato’ Seri Sulaiman. You should come check that out too.

Oh, love the pic­tures as well! Great stuff dude! 😀 😀 😀

Author’s CommentNo. 11

Den­nis Lee14 April 20109:15 PM

Sure I did 😀

Thanks for the heads up. Def­i­nitely will check that out soon.

CommentNo. 12

Kevin Teh14 April 201010:57 PM

The pulling quite clas­sic.. haha

CommentNo. 13

Joe Zainul3 July 201211:01 AM

Hi Den­nis,

I’ll be hold­ing a solo debut con­cert at The Actors Stu­dio this Sun­day at 8pm. It’s a 2.5 hours con­cert, divided into 45 mins of clas­si­cal pieces in the first half before a short inter­rval of 20 mins. Afterthat, a 75 mins of pop con­tem­po­rary. It would be lovely if you could come for the con­cert as i’ll be singing in both genres.

The last time, you have only seen me doing musi­cal the­atre as Ah Fatt, the chi­na­man, on Mamak Mee Ah The Musi­cal Spoof. Now I’m doing the other two gen­res. I’ll be pur­su­ing my Post­grad­u­ate stud­ies in Oper­atic Voice at The Birm­ing­ham Con­ser­va­toire in UK, thus, this is like a tem­po­rary ‘farewell’ con­cert for my fam­ily and friends.

Do let me know if you are able to come and I’ll make arrange­ments for com­pli­men­tary tick­ets for you.



Joe Zainul

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